[Photography] Growing Joy

‘What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.’ – Agnes M. Pahro

Normally in December, I would have made a list of blogs I’ve particularly enjoyed this year. Unfortunately, the blogging events that unfolded in 2020 have put an end to me ever doing that again I suspect.

I know for some folks my pulling back from the blogging community is a sad state of affairs, but honestly, I look back on the good times with fondness but it is fair to say life has moved on for me in such a way that I no longer have the desire to put blogging at the centre of my world anymore. The centre of my world is wonderful though and I am so very grateful that my Christmas was filled with lots of love and joy.

In terms of Christmas though, the quote provided for this week’s Quote Quest didn’t necessarily inspire me. The remainder of the quote however struck a chord in many ways.

The growing life in my belly gives me pause for thought often and in many different ways. There is a lot of tenderness in my heart for the past, both in relation to past relationships, my baby loss and also in terms of memories of Small Human being just a bean in my belly and a small baby.

In terms of courage for the present I feel like I need to muster that every day. It would be so easy to let my anxiety override any positivity I feel. Every day though I deep to find the courage to trust that baby is growing as they should be and all will be well.

As for hope for the future, well I have that in bundles. Mr F and I are happy as pigs in poo right now. I love living together, even if it isn’t in our forever home. We have baby on the way, Small Human is ecstatic that we have found each other and we hope that 2021 will allow the purchase of a home in which all four of us will start a new adventure together.

6 thoughts on “[Photography] Growing Joy

  1. Beautiful images more beautiful thoughts. Be well, be safe, and May blessings abound on your new year and life. For life starts anew with the birth of a child.

  2. <3 This post gives me bittersweet feels… I do hope you continue to blog your pregnancy and of course, join in with QQ <2 I adore your writing, Floss – I always feel like I am beside you, drinking a coffee and listening to you speak as I read.

    The other side of it is I am delighted for you – beyond words – you are such a lovely person and you deserve all the happiness and I am so happy things are slotting in to place for you<3 Much love xx

  3. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am for you! May your baby grow healthy and may your delivery go smoothly. I hope to read all about your new home and how well everything is going for you! You look lovely in these pics! Were they in colour, I’m sure I could say you were glowing!
    But I take exception to the phrase happy as a pig in poo—who says pigs are happy in poo?? lol. All the pigs I know like mud but aren’t too fond of poo…

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