[Photography] Growth

growth is often uncomfortable,


and full of feelings you weren’t expecting,

but it’s necessary.

Words by @mollyhostudio

I haven’t joined in with Sinful Sunday since the beginning of August. The truth is during lockdown my body changed, as I suspect is the case for many people. When I attempted to take photographs it’s not that I picked fault with what I saw, more that I didn’t know how I felt about what I saw. I didn’t know if I wanted to embrace the changes or do something about them.

The photos above came about because I wanted to take a picture including the necklace and dressing gown that were birthday gifts from Mr F, which are relevant in my post for the most recent Quote Quest. They are the first pictures in a long time that I wanted to share.

I have thought a lot about how I perceive my body. There are a lot of thoughts affected by societal and media messages and many more thoughts affected by past experiences. It’s not all related to the outward physical nature of my appearance either, much of it relates to internal workings and past emotional upsets related to fertility issues.

The truth is my body has done amazing things and it will continue to be the only body I have. I haven’t always given it the credit it deserves, sometimes focusing too much on the times it let me down. We’re in a good place now though and the growth was messy and it definitely did throw up feelings I wasn’t expecting, but it was necessary and by god it was worth it.

11 thoughts on “[Photography] Growth

  1. I have found that no matter what it is really a constant journey. We change, our bodies change, I have found it necessary to make a conscious effort to acknowledge that and try to find peace with it


    ps… I think you are absolutely stunning

  2. It is so much easier to look at ourselves and see the perceived flaws than it is to see the positives.

    I can only echo what others say because you are stunning, I just wish you could see what we see.

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