[Sex] Silence Is Golden

There’s so much I’d like to tell you all at the moment. Words bubbling in my fingers, desperate to flow onto the screen, timing is everything though and I know I must hold some things back. What I can tell you about though is the silence. 

Mr F moved into my house two weeks ago, prior to this our fucking sessions were mostly done when we were alone in the house. Nights when the small human was at his Dad’s. Or squeezing in a daytime fuck before one of us went to work. Of course, during lockdown when we spent stretches of days together fucking could happen simply because one of us got up to make tea. 

Whatever time of day we happened to find our lips locked together as our hands delved beneath waistbands and rid the other of pesky clothes, one thing remained the same, I am always very vocal about my enjoyment of what we are doing. I’m not much of a talker, but moaning, gasping, chanted expletives are all a given if we are fucking. 

It’s been a long time since I had to hold my tongue whilst fucking. When I say a long time, I mean about 7 years. The last time I had to worry about it was when I was still with my ex-husband and we had relatives living with us for a time. In the entire time I was kink focused there wasn’t a single time when I actually had sex when the need to be quiet would be necessary. 80% of the time that was because there was no one else around or the people around were also kinky/fucking and didn’t care about the noise. 20% of the time though, the opportunity to fuck was there, but never taken, so it has been a long time since I had to stifle moans and giggle under the covers as you quickly cover your modesty as someone wanders around the house. 

I won’t lie, past experiences had me wondering if Mr F would also be one of those people who emitting zero sexual energy the minute anyone else was in the house you were sleeping in. If my attempt to encourage midnight fumbles with passionate kisses that started deep in my belly would go unnoticed until deflated and a little sad I would just turn over and go to sleep. 

We weren’t daft, we did test drive Mr F staying overnight before we moved in together. Not only the overnight stays, but in general, did all three of us being home together feel like something we all wanted and could all handle. Then one night when the small human was fast asleep that Mr F reached for me as we lay in bed and I had to keep those devilish noises inside. 

Now one might think that Mr F would also curb his enthusiasm, perhaps hold back a little on the things he likes to do to me, you know to help me out a little, this, however, was not the case. He did not hold back, in fact, he gave even more. The more I had to hold back, the more moans I stifled, the more I clamped my own hand against my mouth, the more ways in found in which to make me want to squeal. 

I thought perhaps this was a one-off, maybe that first night he has been particularly horny, so there was more he found himself wanting to do. With that in mind I didn’t mention the frenzy with which he fucked me, just waited to see what happened next time. The next time turned out to be a noisy time, so I waited patiently until the next time we fucked in silence and I was not disappointed when that day finally came. 

This time after I’d been thoroughly tortured with orgasms that I remain totally voiceless throughout, I mentioned to Mr F that the need for silence was clearly a thing for him. He chuckled and just said he had no idea what that was about but he had also noticed it was a bit of a turn on.

We haven’t picked this apart, so I’ve got no grand revelations for you as to why this is so much fun for us. Partly though I just think we find all variants of fucking fun, and when we find something new to enjoy we just embrace it and roll with it. 

There is definitely a different level of intensity to fucking when I know I have to keep quiet. Maybe it’s a little like wearing a gag, an element of sensory deprivation. I can’t voice my approval so I find my body fills in the gaps, it feels more, responds more and my hands feel the electricity bouncing of his body as I run my hands over his skin. 

What I love most about this discovery is the knowledge that even the tiniest variation in our fucking is exciting for us. Usually at this point in a relationship things have started to dwindle or certainly reached that comfortable stage, where things are less urgent and less exciting, but that doesn’t seem to be happening with Mr F. In a week and half we will be staying in a hotel (Covid restrictions allowing) and I honestly can’t wait to see what a stay in a hotel brings to the table. 

I love staying in hotels and that experience alone makes me super horny, which I know a lot of you will agree with. The last time I stayed in a hotel with a sexual partner there was no sex, for the entire holiday and to say I was gutted was an understatement. Yes it was a tiring holiday, yes I was also knackered but honestly I was totally up for fumbles in the crisp hotel bed sheets on many occasion. I do not for one minute expect to be that disappointed with Mr F. Oooooh no, I think our biggest problem will be stopping fucking so we can go and enjoy all the adventures our new location will have to offer. 

That said, I won’t be practising silent sex while we are away. Like I said it is fun and I utterly adore that we have made that discovery, but I also love having no inhibitions whilst fucking and just letting my mouth run free whilst I revel in what is definitely my happy place. 

3 thoughts on “[Sex] Silence Is Golden

  1. While I’m not a huge fan of silent sex, I so get the increase in intensity bit (at least in the beginning). It gets old when it is your only option (i.e. 13 years of marries sex in a small house with growing boy who can’t hear a word when he is supposed to but somehow hears every stifled whimper he’s not). But I am super excited to hear about your new arrangement. It’s been such a journey.

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