[Review] Satisfied With a Fabulous Skrue

I don’t do product reviews often and there are good reasons for this despite the fact reviewing sex toys was what drew me into the blogging world. The main reason I don’t do many reviews now is that I know what works for me and what doesn’t and it is rare that I think something out there is different enough for me to a) love it and b) have anything decent to say about it. This isn’t about only wanting to praise items I am sent to review, but more about the fact, the chances of me not enjoying a toy are high and I find it tiring trying to navigate a stream of ‘nope, didn’t do it for me reviews’. 

That said, once in a while, a company will reach out to me and as my mouth prepares to explain my ‘thank you, but no thank you’ attitude, my cunt is having a word with my brain and getting ready to implement a different answer. Which is exactly what happened when I was kindly asked if I wanted to review a textured dildo from Godemiche

I think it’s hard not to be swayed by the outward appearance of the entire Godemiche range. They are a delight to look at. Not only have I perused the website on more than one occasion but I have had the pleasure of viewing their products in person at L.A.M (London Alternative Market) as well. So when I was asked if I would offer up an honest review in exchange for one of their Skrue dildos, it was an offer I could not refuse. 

Before I start with my experience of the Skrue I shall get the product specifications out there. There are two sizes of Skrue available, I went with the medium 5.5inch, but you can also opt for small which measures in at 4.5inch. Choosing my size was the easy part, choosing a colour was a whole other ball game. The range of colours Godemiche offer is extensive. Not only that but with their bi-colour option you don’t even have to limit yourself to one colour! There even sparkly options! For me, it doesn’t get much better than that and in the end, after much deliberating, I opted for a sparkly red variant described as Unicorn Blood. 

I won’t lie, when the Skrue arrived I was so eager to examine it I forgot all about taking pictures of how it was packaged, which I know many folks enjoy seeing. I can confirm that discreet packaging was used, the dildo itself was well presented and it was an absolute joy to delve into my parcel and discover my new toy. 

As soon as I held the Skrue in my hands I knew it was going to achieve success. It feels lovely, the proportions are excellent for my needs and the flat base of the Skrue lends itself really well to having a comfortable grip on the dildo during masturbation. In terms of personal requirements, the Skrue definitely appealed to me, however, I think even someone who wouldn’t opt for this particular style of dildo would find it hard to argue with the quality of the product. Objectively it is very well made and it is clear these products are produced with care and attention to detail. 

Receiving a product like this while the world was going to shit was both a gift and a curse. On one hand, it was something to look forward to, on the other hand finding time to settle down with it wasn’t the easiest of tasks. I did manage some serious alone time with the Skrue though and oh my, it definitely made for an enjoyable solo session. 

I can’t come from penetration alone during masturbation. Even the most mighty dildo in the world can’t get me there and the Skrue is no different, but that’s okay, this is not a failure on the Skrues part and it did the job I do require from a dildo admirably. 

Any orgasms achieved during masturbation are a team effort between a mighty vibrator and a trusty dildo. There is one go-to glass dildo that I always reach for and a much larger steel dildo for my exceptionally horny days, where being completely filled is my main objective. The Skrue did have competition and despite my instinct that I would enjoy it, I did wonder if it would have enough oomph to make its way into my top 3. 

As I mentioned earlier the Skrue is a textured dildo, its corkscrew design runs the entire length of the dildo. When the time was right for me to reach for the Skrue I was full of anticipation for how it might feel. As I slid the Skrue inside myself, my breathing hitched and I moaned in a way that is normally reserved for the moment I am penetrated by an actual person. It is a moment I don’t usually have with dildos because they lack the yumminess of a well-loved cock or finger. The texture of the Skrue changed that though and I have to admit it wasn’t a reaction I was expecting. 

I’ve had textured dildos before but they either had the textured parts in all the wrong places, or they were textured in a way that just distracted me from using them. Which is why I ended up favouring something as smooth as glass. The consistency of the Skrue’s texture though seems to work wonders. As I moved it in and out it created genuine waves of pleasure in my cunt and it was the closest I’ve ever got to having a dildo mimick the pleasure I get from penetration with another person. 

I have returned to the Skrue time and time again and I would recommend it to anyway who enjoys a good session with a well-made dildo. The only bad thing about this dildo and it makes me sad to say there is one, is that it has made me want to buy more Godemiche dildos and until the day comes that I can treat myself to one of their other designs, I am a little bereft that my collection remains limited to the fabulous Skrue. 

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