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It’s been a long while since I posted anything new on the blog or since I graced Twitter with my presence. I want to confirm that all is well. I did, however, need to be a lot more present in my home life and as such, I decided that what was needed was to step away for a few weeks, recalibrate my writing brain and give the space needed for things to settle at home in the way they very much needed to. 

The time away and safe space created at home was for my little boy. Who is safe, well and healthy but as is to be expected it was tough on him returning to school after so long off due to Covid. On top of that, he had a new baby brother arrive courtesy of his Dad and step-mum and we also had Mr F begin spending more time with us. Both these new developments he loves very much, but that doesn’t stop them being a lot to process, especially when you are only 8 and still figuring the world out. 

I am of course always committed to doing whatever it takes to make his world better and brighter. Which is an attitude I always expect and receive from his Dad too. What was a pleasant and welcome surprise was that Mr F was also totally on board with doing whatever we needed to do to to make the small human feel less anxious and little more at ease with all the changes. 

I’m not great with children that aren’t my own and have always marvelled at how good small humans step-mum has been at treating him like her own. She was already a mum though and I suspect in some way that helped. Despite wanting babies though, Mr F doesn’t have any, yet he has still made space in his life for my child and I cannot express how much that means to me. 

This last week we actually took a big step and moved Mr F into my place. It’s still early days but I have to say I love having both my boys under one roof. I love knowing Mr F will be in bed with me each night and I love having coffee with him each day before one or both of us goes to work. I never ever could have imagined I’d find this kind of relationship but I am overjoyed I have. We are starting a journey together as a little family and its really quite wonderful. 

In a few week’s time, Mr F and I are also going away on a little holiday adventure, just a few days away and even though I see lots of him already I am excited to have him all to myself for 5 days, away from any working hours or daily responsibilities. 

I will get back to sharing more blog posts, but honestly, I have zero issues with having stepped away for a while. As for Twitter, I don’t think I will be returning there. It is the root of so much stress and that started to outweigh the positives. After months of trying to ‘do the right thing,’ I realised it would never be good enough for some folks and actually, I can’t be arsed with that, it was adding something to my life that I began to see I could actually do without. 

My blog is still important to me, having an outlet for my thoughts here has become something that I have not only become extremely used to but that I also believe to be beneficial to my mental wellbeing. However, how I feel about my blog and what I want from it has definitely changed. Which means the content might change a little too and I have no intentions of trying to curtail that. 

I love my life right now and have high hopes of things getting better and better. With any luck, this will give me lots to share with you as time goes on, or at the very least plenty of inspiration for sexy things to write, because I should probably also confirm there is still plenty of hot sexy fun occurring. 

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