[Sex] Please, Come Inside …

As I have discussed before I am a big fan of jizz. When someone I am hot for is kind enough to come on me, in me or simply lets me watch as the jizz explodes out of their dick I am a happy lady. I find the whole thing fascinating and Mr F has been more than happy to support my interests since we started dating. 

For a good while now our chosen method of contraception has been the withdrawal method. To be clear, this is not something I promote for others to use, unless like myself and Mr F you are entirely willing to accept the failure rate and the resulting pregnancy that can occur when it does not work. Knowing that that’s what we have been doing is entirely relevant to this post though. 

I have been simultaneously entirely satisfied and ridiculously frustrated by this the entire time we’ve been doing it. I love that moment where he moans and I can feel his jizz splatter on my belly. I eagerly anticipate it, I know my own enjoyment grows as he gets closer, I get genuinely excited knowing what is about to happen. Sometimes my enthusiasm arrives too early and Mr F will giggle and change positions or make me come with his fingers while he scales back his excitement a bit. I love all of this, but there is always another thought existing alongside all of this merriment. 

‘Oh fuck. I wish he’d come inside me’ That’s the thought. I have quite literally used that thought to make myself come when I masturbate. I would imagine there are lots of reasons other people enjoy this same thing, for me, I think it’s the raw and primal nature of it that gets me going. Also, the notion that he’s not just inside me, but leaving a part of himself inside me too. It’s freakin’ hot to ponder on. 

Alas, as much as I craved that moment I knew it was one I must wait for. So I waited, patiently. Well not that patiently in fairness, but my impatience was internal because badgering someone to do something that could potentially create a life changing result is not cool. Last night though the wait was over!

OMFG! The unfff factor of how fucking hot it was cannot be underplayed. This sexy, wonderful, amazing man was fucking me and I preparing for that moment when he would pull out, he was close I knew that, his movements, his breathing, his muscles, his moans, I know those noises. Then he made the noise that normally coincides with my cunt feeling utterly bereft at his sudden absence, except this time I felt something completely different. 

I felt his body fix in position as his climax took hold, as the base of his cock began to throb against my cunt and I felt a wave of euphoria wash over me because he came inside me and it was every bit as hot as I’d expected it to be.  My god, it was good. He’s good, so, so, good! It remains to be seen if this is our new normal, or if it was perhaps a bit of a treat, either way, is good with me. 

Mr F is the third partner I’ve done this with but this is the first time I’ve been able to truly enjoy it in the way that I am. With my ex-husband we were doing it mainly for reproductive purposes and I hadn’t quite tuned into the other reasons I might enjoy it. The second partner I did it with, well, it was short lived (the act of coming inside me, not the relationship) and I have a lot of feelings about why we did, why we stopped and how all that reflected on the relationship, all of which I totally missed at the time. Needless to say it was more of a thing that just was, rather than a thing we were actively into. 

This time all aspects of having Mr F come inside me are right up there as reasons for me to love it. As a kink, as an act of intimacy and I hope one day as the beginning of us growing a family together. I don’t know if it’s biology kicking in, but there is definitely an added layer of hotness knowing there are zero contraceptive barriers in place. Even though I’ve made a baby before, so have had plenty of unprotected sex to get to that stage (4 years worth of it in fact due to fertility issues) I never, ever felt any kind of sexual thrill due to the lack of contraceptives or the potential for making a baby. That is very much a new feeling. 

Currently though, the overwhelming desire I have for him to do this again is all about the sexy feels. There are so many things he could do at the same time as coming inside me; pulling my hair, wrapping his fingers around my throat, kissing me, sinking his teeth into my neck, pinning my wrists to the bed … honestly the combinations are endless and my brain keeps cycling through them all because they all seem to have a different edge to them when coupled with his dick being buried in my cunt as he empties himself inside me. 

This was also a fairly short session of fucking for us too, which doesn’t remotely detract from the sexiness but I am looking forward to a session with more intensity, where he comes really fucking hard without pulling out. One of those fucks that gets a bit rough and I’ve been bitting lots, had my tits and face slapped, where he spits in my mouth and then finishes inside me, like I’m his to do whatever he pleases with. I think that is currently number one on my sexy wishlist. 

On the other hand, he might do all that with me, pull out and decorate my belly as he has done on many wonderful occasions and part of me will groan in disappointment, but the other part of me will revel in being covered in his cum and I will get off on whichever option he chooses because I’m a dirty girl who’s desperate for his jizz and I will take it in whatever way he decides to give it to me. 

7 thoughts on “[Sex] Please, Come Inside …

  1. This post sounds like it could be us, we too only use withdrawal and understand that hotness of being in that moment of wanting to come inside. The way you describe it is very hot indeed.

    1. Ooh it’s nice that someone read it and could relate. I honestly wasn’t sure how many, if any folks would have done/be doing this, so I’m glad you replied

      1. Same here, IRL we don’t have anybody to relate with so it’s nice to here other people’s feeling. Your honest life posts are what draws me to your blog most.

  2. I can relate to this! I think back to those moments when I would release into my partner! They were magical. Nowadays there is no chance that I will father a child. But it is still nice to leave myself inside of my Queen—of course I immediately have to clean her with my mouth! But it’s still fun to do. lol Both aspects…

  3. Holy shit, Floss!! This is all kinds of hot and you have captured that exact feeling so well. We don’y have to worry about contraception because I got my tubes tied and honestly it was the best thing ever because I too, adore the feeling of him cumming in me. *dies* x

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