[Life] For The Love of Legs

I’ve always found him sexy as fuck. In all the ways and all parts of him. Over lockdown both our bodies changed a little, though I’m certain his less so than mine, but there was one part of him that I did notice changing and holy shit folks it has been a mega sexy shift. 

He cycled often and far during lockdown and I’m not gonna lie it made his legs beefy as fuck. His thighs are especially yummy since this development and honestly looking at them gets me all kinds of turned on. 

Part of this change in physique has meant getting rid of clothes that no longer fit, I found myself mesmerised the other day as he pulled jeans on and proceeded to peel them off before repeating with another pair. At some point during this I either responded incoherently to a question or forgot to speak at all, I pointed out that I couldn’t be expected to person properly when he was getting me all hot and bothered. 

He seemed mildly flummoxed by this statement and asked what exactly it was that had caused that reaction in me, I pointed out that all he was doing was drawing attention to his groin and thighs. How exactly is that meant to not turn me on? The truth is, whilst his groin area does have a lot to offer and most of his body leads me to thoughts of that area eventually. His thighs alone were doing a pretty good job of getting me going.

Every time I look at his legs I feel like the very definition of a pervert. My inner monologue is thinking ‘phwoar yeah, I want me some of that’ and when it’s not appropriate to actually touch him, it takes a lot of self control not to slide my hands up his thighs. Lockdown was a real treat in some ways because it brought nice weather that meant lots of shorts being worn and time alone that meant it was rarely inappropriate to touch him. 

I’m not sure I’ve ever enjoyed shorts as much as I have since meeting Mr F, I will be a bit sad when winter hits and the shorts go away for a while. The summer has also made his legs go incredibly tanned and it just adds to how yummy he looks. Even the tan lines, which I can’t stand on myself, just draw my eyes to all the parts of him I enjoy. 

When we fuck I often find my hands on his thighs, I love the feel of them beneath my hands as he thrusts into me. I can feel his muscles working as he fucks me and the way they tighten as his body prepares to climax. Sometimes the position we’re in will mean I can do little more than rest my hands upon him, other times though I can get a better grip and I’ll use his thighs to pull him into me. 

Blowjobs provide another opportunity for me to freely explore his thighs and there is something incredibly sexy about having my hands flat against his thighs whilst his dick is buried deep in my mouth. Often a glimpse of his legs, or running my hands over them as we cuddle will have me eager to take him in my mouth and just abandon whatever it is we are meant to be doing. 

Even when we are out and about with other people, which is slowly happening again within social distancing guidelines, we are still quite touchy feely with each other. Thankfully tables aren’t see through so I can slide my hand along his thigh in public without making folks too uncomfortable. It’s not without risk though because chances are I’m going to get myself all turned on from doing it and I’ll be counting down the minutes until we are home and naked. 

As I’m typing this I’m thinking to myself, I really would spend an age just licking and kissing his thighs, which leads me to realise I have not done either of those things to them anywhere near enough. This is something I will be rectifying as soon as possible. 

There is a chance that I’m so smitten with Mr F that this week’s Kink of the Week could have been about any body part and I would still have been able to write a post like this about how hot I find that part of him. I do think his legs are genuinely up there though as a favourite of mine.

As for my own legs, they are long! I’m fairly tall and the majority of my height is down to my legs. Finding a photo for this post was tricky because my legs are in lots of photos but it is hard to get them fully in shot in the kind of picture I used as my header shots. Never fear though folks, I found you one eventually and as a special bonus I’m going to leave some extra leg pictures below.

3 thoughts on “[Life] For The Love of Legs

  1. i *totally* relate to this … Mr Fawkes has the thickest most sculpted legs and butt and I am constantly perving them and I love how helpless I feel if he pins me with them. Viva la legs!

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