[Erotica] I Miss You

Beyond Fetchat, Erotica, Sexy Fucks Erotica / Thursday, May 7th, 2020

I am not in an LDR and my heart aches for those of you who are parted from your people, I spend only a handful of days away from Mr F and this is the kind of thing he inspires in me. I cannot even begin to imagine, what the distance is like for folks in LDR’s right now, so I am sending you all my love and hoping that we soon see a time when plans can be made for you all to reunite. 


My cunt is waging war against my body. 




None of it comes easy because none of it results in me being impaled on your dick. 

I don’t think I can rest until your body is pressed against mine. 

I want your palm flat against my cheek shoving my face down against the mattress, as you fuck me furiously from behind. How am I meant to feel anything, until you have made me feel like nothing. 

I miss being used. 



I miss being manhandled from one position to another as you do what pleases your dick. Give me your fingers, plunged deep into my wet folds, fucking me until I’m paralysed with pleasure and squealing that I can’t take anymore. 

Which is a fucking lie. 

I can always take more from you. 

More filth, as you spit in my mouth before whispering in my ear .. ‘you’d better behave like a good little slut’. More pain, as your teeth graze my neck and your fingers pinch my nipple … ‘tell me you love it, tell me the pain hurts real good.’

I do tell you. 

Over and over. 

I’m chanting it like a fucking prayer as you force me to my knees. My mouth opens with hope and anticipation, and yes, I must have been good, because I’m choking on your cock. I can barely breathe and my eyes are streaming … ‘fuuuuck you’re good, my filthy cock hungry slut.’

Yes, that’s me! I am so hungry for your cock, starving, in fact, weak, bewildered and so sad without it. 

My fingers do their best, buried knuckle deep in my cunt, but I think of your dick as I come and I’m calling your name with such ferocity it should summon you to my side. 

Have I mentioned miss fucking you? 

And that I fucking miss you … 

miss you so much …

it hurts. 

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