[Photography] Lace? Love it or Loathe It?

Do whatever the hell it takes to make you feel real again. – Quote Unknown

When I saw Kink of the Week was all about lace, I thought I’d already written a post about that, turns out I haven’t and I wasn’t sure why because I totally thought I was into lace. Then I read It’s all a bit pants by sub bee and her post really got me thinking as to whether or not lac is my fabric of choice for lingerie, it seems it really isn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I have some lacy undies and there nice enough, but they’re never going to be my choice of lingerie if I want to feel my sexiest. Fishnet that is my choice if I want to feel my absolute sexy best. Fishnet makes me feel good, regardless of whether or not anyone around me validates that feeling with their words.

As for what I find sexy on others, lace probably wouldn’t be my first choice there either. One of the sexiest looks for me is when someone is wearing simple undies with some kind of vest top. Visually that’s something that will give me an instant lady boner.

What turns me on even more though is someone wearing something that they feel good in. If I had a partner who felt amazing in lace and that is what they chose to wear when they wanted to feel their best, you’d better believe that lace will find it’s way into my favour.

Other things I find more sexy than the lingerie staple of lace would include a baggy t-shirt and no knickers, just wearing socks, yoga pants, jogging bottoms with no underwear beneath them, underwear that sticks two fingers up a gender conformity and best of all no clothes at all.

Bee’s post also got me thinking about how many of us are wearing the ‘sexy’ things we think we are meant to be wearing, rather than the things that truly make us feel like ourselves. I know I have definitely done this before and at 35 you’d think I’d know better, but even now I discover things that make me feel so good I can’t believe I didn’t know they were my thing.

Most recently of all, ditching the bras. I always wear a bra when I leave the house. My nipples are quite prominent and I feel the need to shield society from their presence. Mr F quite simply finds the notion of me wearing a bra horrifying. So I started out going bra free for dates, if the clothing allowed for it. Then lockdown allowed for me to go bra free all the time, but I still put one on for shopping or lockdown approved walks.

Then last week I just stopped. I went out with no bra and just a t-shirt for a walk and no-one died because my nipples were a bit pointy and honestly I never want to wear a bra again. Yes it means I don’t get such a good cleavage and yes it’s far more obvious that I have small boobs, but honestly who the fuck cares? I don’t want the man in Asda to suck my tits, so no skin off my nose if he doesn’t like the look of them.

My small boobies have been set free and honestly, it feels really damn good and I feel a lot like myself just rocking a t-shirt sans bra and I never even knew this would feel so awesome for me.

It’s worth noting that I’m linking this up to Lingerie Is For Everyone as well which is a place you can totally share your comfy, non-conforming, super sexy, ‘this feels like me’ underwear shots and I don’t think I’d be alone in saying I’d love to see more of those kinds of pictures. So go forth wear what feels good for you and show us all how great you look when you feel most like yourself.

11 thoughts on “[Photography] Lace? Love it or Loathe It?

  1. Fro reading your posts for years, I could have told you that fishnet was your thing! And I would have been hard pressed to think of you mentioning lace or featuring it in your photos! But I do agree that someone who feels good and sexy is the best! And I have to say that it is arousing to hear you have ditched the bras. I try to convince my Queen of this all the time, but she wants to shield society from her nipples! Too bad! Stay well Floss. By the way I really love your pic today!

  2. Really fab post, Floss. Gorgeous and free and very “you”. Thank you for sharing, my lovely friend! xo

  3. I have a knit tunic-style long-sleeve black shirt that I wear with leggings. There is lace around the hem, which dresses up the plain fare a bit. Honestly, I think that’s the only lacey thing I wear anymore.

    I don’t do “dainty” or “frilly” and I dislike the sensation of lace against my skin. So while I might like the look of it (on OTHER people!), lace is something I avoid for myself.


    What actually inspired me to comment was your no-bra discovery of freedom.

    I went braless for several years (2011-2017 the only time I put one on was for exercise purposes, because bounce HURTS goddammit!), but I have found that one of my menopausal symptoms is breast and nipple sensitivity (and not in a sexy way!) so I started wearing bras again to alleviate discomfort. I’m very picky about fit and fabric for bras too. I don’t care what they look like; I care that they feel good.

    I miss the ease of dressing that comes with bralessness, but not at the expense of discomfort.

    Thankfully, I do not have an issue with going bottomless. I have a few fun undies, but I pretty much never wear them! 😉
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  4. Just in the middle of typing my thoughts on this – we may be kinda similar lol.. I wish I could braless fulltime – I very much lack the confidence to do. I prefer to hide behind my bra out and about. I have, however, been braless constantly since going into to lockdown x

  5. I really like how thoughtful this post is. You make some really good points about how we’re all conforming to what we think is right or sexy. I relate to loving “baggy t-shirt and no knickers.” It feels like such a casual and free look to me. Also FREE THE BOOBS!
    I once was where you were, feeling like I had to wear bras because people shouldn’t be able to see my nipples until I thought, fuck it, why do I care? It’s much more comfortable wearing no bras at all and I’ve been happily bra free for the last 6 years.

  6. I’d love to permanently ditch my bras. I don’t know why I worry so much about possibly “offending” someone with my nipples or my puffy areolas.
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  7. Going bra free is the best, the only time you’ll really catch me in one is if I’m exercising because jogging without one is not an pleasant experince.

  8. Firstly, I’m so glad I’ve inspired you to share your thoughts on lace. And I’m still giggling that I shared my shorts/t-shirt photo before I’d even managed to read this!

    I’m with you on thinking that people are far sexier in what they feel comfy rather than what they think they should wear. I’m just not very good at applying that to myself.

    I too haven’t worn a bra since the beginning of March and I don’t think I’ve killed anyone either. It does seem a bit of a shame because I bought some new ones but one day I’ll have to go back to the office again so a bra will need to be worn. I couldn’t care less about Joe public but colleagues are different apparently!

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