[Photography] Kindness & Coffee

Kindness is like coffee ….

… it awakens your spirits and improves your day.

Fill your cup with both.

Quote Unknown

I had another image that I was going to share for Sinful Sunday, not realising it was a prompt weekend. This week I think my body and brain decided they both needed a break from trying to keep life as normal as possible given the upheaval caused by Covid-19, so I just decided to flop and give myself the break I clearly needed. This break involved not really knowing the days of the week and definitely not the dates, hence not realising it was the first Sunday of the month.

When I checked in on the prompt I knew I was not going to be creating something new. I’ve told myself I can have until tomorrow before I climb onto the creativity bandwagon again. I did however already have this image in my camera roll which I took last week.

I took this photo for my a group chat where some of my beautiful friends are supporting each other through the corona crisis with nude images. I have to say it is one of the most uplifting chats I’ve ever been part of. Not only because I get to see gorgeous nudes but because everyone is being so kind to each other.

Times are tough right now for all of us and unfortunately, some people have shown themselves to very poor examples of human beings. However, I have also seen so many amazing acts of kindness and friends, families and communities pulling together in some truly fabulous ways. The kindness, the compassion, the good hearts and kind spirits are what is getting me through this tricky time. Those things combined with oodles of coffee are definitely some of the best things in life right now.

12 thoughts on “[Photography] Kindness & Coffee

  1. That sounds like a great chat group, and good you already had this sexy image to share. I think taking a break is definitely a good thing, with all the craziness going on around us…

    Rebel xox

  2. “group chat where some of my beautiful friends are supporting each other through the corona crisis with nude images.” I think I need a group chat like this!

    And like you the days of the week are starting to all feel the same which is why Kink of the Week was a tiny bit late starting over.

    Molly recently posted…Fruit and VagMy Profile

  3. I have never been in a chat group Floss. Yours sounds wonderful. Your photo, shows us what we always knew, you are a wonderfully kind and beautiful human. xx

  4. The world has seemed remarkable cruel recently and I feel quite afraid. I am trying to keep just being me and hoping to muddle on through.

    Whilst I’m lucky I’m with my partner I miss chatting to people and having a bit of a lighthearted giggle.

  5. Oh Floss that picture is incredible. It sucks me right in. You look absolutely beautiful and very cozy. I love the angle and the slight blurring around the edges of the picture

    I had the same as you actually, in that I forgot it was prompt weekend and was going to use another picture! Time and structure are really distorted in my head right now.

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