[Erotica] The World is Burning

The world around us is dark, both figuratively and literally. Every day is a shit storm not of our making as life during a pandemic continues to unfold, night has fallen on another day though and the curtains are drawn, the lights are off and we are ready for sleep to unfold. 

You pull me into you and my naked body curls against yours, my head rests upon your shoulder, my right leg drapes across your thighs and I sigh with contentment because this, right here, is without a shadow of a doubt my favourite place to be. 

My lips can’t help but brush against your cheek, a soft kiss, a loving kiss, a kiss I am compelled to give you because I never seem to have my fill of you. This kiss, as many kisses before it have done, invite your lips to mine. Your head turns and your lips are against mine, my tummy flips, my cunt twitches and I have to remind myself to breathe. 

Sleep was the plan though, for good reason, an early morning, a vigorous afternoon fuck and the energy-zapping nature of this strange new world all mean that sleep would be a good plan. So we cease the kissing, but our positions remain the same and my hands are itching to roam across your body. My mind may be willing to give in to slumber but my body is alive with the desire to feel you inside me.

I turn away from you, removing myself from the temptation of more kisses, more touching, more you. Your body follows mine though and you wrap me in your arms, your dick rubs against me, your hands reach for my tits and I cannot help but moan into the darkness, it is a moan of wanting, a moan of needing, a moan of a woman who is about to get the very thing she is constantly craving. 

As things heat up your fingers find my cunt and my lips find yours and when we break free from that kiss you move to kneel between my thighs and I stare into the night, seeing nothing, but sensing everything. The tip of your dick rubs up and down the lips of my cunt and that alone is enough to send the shivers of ecstasy running through my body, it also makes my cunt eager to be filled. 

I am teased often and well, which is quite frankly just to my liking, but tonight is not the night for that and I am grateful. You push your dick inside me and we simultaneously groan with the sheer fucking joy of how good that sensation is. You lift my ankles up onto your shoulders and the intensity of the fucking gradually increases; the speed, the depth, the force, the proximity to climax, it’s all gaining traction and I am moaning, swearing and falling deeper into you with every thrust. 

This position works well for both of us, sometimes too well and often has to be abandoned when we’d like the fuckery to continue for longer. Here though, at this moment, as we abandon sleep and unusually for us fuck in the dark, this position, this joyous, orgasm-inducing position is perfect and I can feel it working its magic on you. 

You keeping thrusting harder and faster, pinning my hands down, as you relentlessly fuck me and I can hear your breathing changing and your muscles flexing and those changes cause my cunt to clench as my own orgasm takes hold, and in response, I feel you pulling out and though I ache for the day you come inside me, I am pacified by the warm spurts of spunk you splash across my belly. 

We sleep soundly after this and when we wake the world is still turning and burning and disappointing me in more ways than one, but you, you are a blessing and a treasure and you make the world a better, brighter and sexier place to be. 

7 thoughts on “[Erotica] The World is Burning

  1. “You keeping thrusting harder and faster, pinning my hands down, as you relentlessly fuck me” This just makes me insides flip with desire and longing. I am SO happy you are with your person. The world is dark and disappointing in so many exhausting ways being with someone you love it more important than ever before


  2. This is balm for the weary pandemic soul, hope for those who are solitary, poetic sex leaving me wanting for more in this burning world! My soul feels nourished just reading and rereading this deliciousness.

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