15 Replies to “[Photography] Everything”

    1. I love the quote.
      I love the images and agree with Molly that the second image is Hot!
      I love your ink. Very artful and draws the eye.
      Thanks for all your posts.

  1. Oooo… I like your tattoos
    Nicely done.. the ink, placement, personality shown in them and how it reminds me of a waterbaby coming out of seafoam, half tangled in seaweed and a net due to your arm

    Really pretty!
    Love the dreamy quality

  2. […] Everything by FlossDoesLife Bath pictures are so hot. These particular pictures are so suggestive and a tease. I like the glow of the water on her skin and the parts of her body she chooses to show us here. The soap makes me long for that warm bath and once more, black and white! […]

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