[Photography] Magic

she loves her independence,

and yet sometimes she likes being told what to do.

that’s part of her contradiction

and part of her magic.

and part of your magic

will be when you understand.

Words by JmStorm

I am fiercely independent, and then for a long time, I was fiercely FemDom, both of which are parts of myself I am incredibly grateful for in various ways. Pictures like these though remind me how much I am enjoying another side of myself and the quote above sums my current situation up perfectly.

There’s no D/s, no formality, no long history of kink for him, no planned scenes and no ongoing agreements. There are moments though where I am told what to do, perhaps in an outright manner, often with a more subtle approach, both ways work for me.

When we fuck I’m often told where to go and what to do. Sometimes with words, sometimes with his hand grabbing a fistful of my hair. When this happens, when he decides, when he directs, the part of me that needs to be told, shines.

This is part of my magic, being this girl who rolls around on his floor, his couch, his bed, getting fucked every which way in nothing but my long socks. Gasping, moaning and whimpering beneath his touch.

Part of his magic is that beyond all reason and without me really knowing how he seems to understand me, even if he doesn’t know that himself.

When he speaks, I listen, when he tells, I do and this is how I have ended up being a girl who leaves the house in short skirts, long socks and no knickers.

8 thoughts on “[Photography] Magic

  1. I love how happy you are when you write about him, about your time together. There is love in your words, and confidence, and happiness. Love the images!

    Rebel xox

    1. Lols, this made me chuckle, the no undies seems to get ‘double checked’ a lot you know, just in case

      1. Well to be honest, no panties with a short skirt—that’s at least a triple check!!! I’d be tying my laces, dropping my pen, pencil, jaw—whatever it took to be below that skirt…

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