[Photography] Flaunting my Nakedness (and Socks)!

The best gift you are ever going to give someone,

is the permission to feel safe in their own skin.

To feel worthy.

To feel like they are enough. – Hannah Brencher

I mentioned in a recent post that I’ve been wearing less underwear, and I’m hoping the wonderful Violet will allow socks as my lingerie item for this week’s Lingerie is For Everyone, because at the moment the absence of lingerie is a wonderful thing.

I don’t remember the last time, in fact, there may never have been a time where my naked body was the ultimate preference. Now, this isn’t to say my body wasn’t wanted or complimented and it wasn’t shamed or seen negatively in any way. There’s a huge difference though between those things and serious, hardcore, desperate to have you now enthusiasm for nakedness.

I don’t know how or when it became a thing, but unless there’s a reason not to, most of the time I rock up to Mr Fuckery’s in a dress or skirt and some kind of long socks. Usually a bra too, for boob confidence reasons, but last time I ditched that too because it became clear bras were just another barrier to him getting his hands on me that we could do without.

The pictures above are pretty accurate representations of how I spend my time around him. Naked with my socks on. It feels so good and it feels good because it’s me he’s enthusiastic about, not any kind of fabric, or a cleavage that disappears when the bra comes off, or any kind of ‘look’ that he’s into.

Ditching the lingerie for a bit has been incredibly liberating and it has made me feel sexy in my own skin in a vanilla kind of way, which is new. I’d become accustomed to feeling sexy in a FemDom kind of way, in fact, FemDom was a huge leap in feeling sexy for me. Without that though it’s been nice to discover that I can feel sexy with nothing but a pair of socks on my feet.

I’ve even sent unfiltered nudes, which is a big deal for me. On the spot, whip off my tops, whip down my pants, snap the pics of my arse and tits and off they went. Did I hold my breath in case they weren’t quite what was expected or wanted? Absolutely! Was that worry necessary? Not at all. The reaction was that our next stretch of time together needed to hurry up and get here, a great reaction for me, especially when I spend a lot of time thinking the very same thing.

This doesn’t mean I’m turning my back on lingerie though, and I still wholeheartedly believe in the motivation behind Lingerie is For Everyone and I have loved watching it grow from strength to strength as the past 52 weeks have gone by. Violet has started and continued to provide a wonderful space for folks to explore their love of lingerie and I hope their love of themselves too.

12 thoughts on “[Photography] Flaunting my Nakedness (and Socks)!

  1. I absolutely love how you are exploring all the different sides of you and finding new ways to love yourself, it’s gorgeous to witness and you are always stunning.
    You are so open to everything and letting yourself just go with what feels right is so powerful ❤️❤️❤️

  2. It’s wonderful that you feel sexy and confident in your nakedness! And you look absolutely gorgeous and seductive, too! In fact, the socks even seem to enhance the sexiness, contrasting the nakedness as they do. Beautiful

  3. Gorgeous pics Floss! Mr.Fuckery is one lucky dude!! You have a beautiful body! You needn’t be worried about your breasts or cleavage! Just flaunt what you have. Mr. Fuckery is like any red blooded male. Let his desire fill you with confidence and go naked often! Especially under your dresses!

  4. Socks 100% count! These pictures are absolutely lovely and I totally get being a bit “off” lingerie, I go through that sometimes too. I truly appreciate all your kind words and encouragement and your support for LiFE this year and I hope that we see more of you here as 2020 moves forward! xo

  5. I can very much relate to how it feels liberating to go without underwear, as it’s how I go about most days now! While I don’t have anyone in my life right now, I like the idea of being available at all times without having to remove panties for someone one day. I love that you’re naked but wear socks most of the time. Your pictures are lovely, you’re so beautiful and sexy!

  6. Beautiful pictures as always Floss. Your post made me think about how I am with a partner and what I feel about underwear. I have to say as a start that I am from the same school of thought as Mr F.

    My thoughts to your post took shape when you mentioned “Usually a bra too, for boob confidence reasons” . It struck me that body confidence goes two ways, something I learned relatively late on. There is what you do like dressing up to look a certain way and there is the desire someone else has for you that both add to ones confidence. To generalise, I have found with partners that they associate my desire for them with how they look and the actions they have taken to look that way, when in fact that is not completely true.

    I celebrate with you and your post the way you come across as to revel in Mr F’s desire for you independantly to what you do for yourself. that is my take at least :-).

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