[Photography] Come Touch My Shadows

Your tongue has trailed along every shadow

Your hands have indulged in every bit of flesh bathed in light

And I long for the return of both in equal measure

For now, the fabric brushing against my legs must do

The scent of you clings to it

I inhale

I am intoxicated

I am counting down the days to your touch

20 thoughts on “[Photography] Come Touch My Shadows

  1. Shadows in ellipses, as my lip is landed low
    A glad hello eclipses, a I slip my hand, fed below
    Silken lips pulse to my sliding finger
    Milken sips that convulse by my gliding linger
    Followed by mine own tongue to sweep
    And swallow divine, sown among, a treat so deep
    Succulence so supine, your moans throng, vocally sweet
    I suckle your every wrong, to right your writes, a song complete…
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  2. Woah – breathtaking and powerfully sensual shots full of strength and invitation, those hip slung bottoms suit you very well! Body envy!

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