[Life] Looking Back on 2019

2019 has been an interesting year, I’m honestly not sure it delivered what I expected, but as I sit here writing, 2 days into 2020 I don’t think I have any regrets over how 2019 panned out for me. I am genuinely looking forward to what this year might bring my way, but before I jump headlong into new adventures I want to reflect a little on the past year for this week’s Food for Thought prompt. 


2019 saw me go self-hosted with FlossDoesLife and I’ve loved every minute of creating a space that is less likely to be governed by the sensibilities of a service provider like WordPress. I have no desire to censor myself in ways that are imposed by others, so going self-hosted was an absolute must for me. It’s something I wish I’d done a long time ago and if anyone is still debating whether or not they should make that move I would wholeheartedly suggest you do. 

I’m not a massive one for checking my stats, but I can tell you that in 2019 I had 30619 visitors to my site, you liked my work 3513 times and left 2686 comments. Which I think is pretty awesome, you folks continue to make my blogging journey worth every moment and while muggle life often prevents me from replying to every comment you all leave I do read them all and I appreciate them greatly. I try to pay it forward by visiting all your blogs in turn and leaving likes and comments whenever I can. 

In terms of the posts that were most popular in 2019, here are the ten posts that proved the most popular …

  1. Come To Me
  2. The Pain of Tolerance
  3. Fishnet for Him
  4. Titillation, Taboos and Turning You On
  5. Love Me Some Face Slapping
  6. F*ck My Nipples Tumblr
  7. Baring All & Getting Back to Basics
  8. My Unexpected Self
  9. Panty Passion
  10. A Fantasy Unfulfilled

Another big hit for me this year has been the Food for Thought meme. Myself and May More began hosting it when Kilted Wookie was looking to take a step back from it and I couldn’t have found myself alongside a better blogger for my meme hosting adventure. I love seeing the posts you all link up each week and I am very excited for our first full year of hosting F4T. Remember if you have any suggestions for topics or you would like to do the spotlight post each week please get in touch with either myself or May. 

I have of course already written about the Top 100 List, but it wasn’t the only list I found myself on this year. My Twitter notifications kept popping up with mentions from folks and work has been occupying most of my attention and it was hard to respond in a timely fashion. Which I feel terrible about, but please know I am incredibly grateful to anyone who gave me a mention in their posts focusing on their best blogs of the year. I will be doing my best to find them all and give personal thanks to you all. 

I have had an amazing blogging year, it’s been incredibly intense, but absolutely worthwhile. There is a good chance I might scale back a little in 2020. Not stop, no way am I giving up what I have created here, but I think a need to redistribute my time a little more evenly this year. What that does mean though is I will hopefully be having more adventures, so when I do blog about things they will be amazing tales to share with you all. 


Going into 2019 I had no idea I’d end the year as a single lady again. It has given me a lot to think about, I’ve had some emotional moments and I don’t think I’m quite sure of what it is I want. I spent a lot of the time I was with Bakji formulating relationship ideals that were based not only on our own dynamic but the social circle I mostly found myself in. 

I stand by all that, there was nothing wrong with how I was doing things or how I was approaching things, but now I’m flying solo again I do feel like I need to establish what it is I want for me before trying to figure it out alongside someone else. 

Which would be a grand plan, one I perhaps derailed by finding myself a really awesome person to fuck. I think it’s fair to say that making a plan for yourself is far easier when you have nothing to lose and I honestly can’t even begin to tell you how goddamn satisfying my current situation is making me in many ways. It isn’t without its complexities though but the pros far outweigh the cons for me at the moment and while I’m still deciding how much I am wanting to share about my current situation, I can confirm I am having all the fun. 

I don’t know what 2020 will bring in terms of relationships, I’m curious to see what I’ll be writing about this topic at the end of the year. I think perhaps I know what I’d like to be writing, but only time will tell what actually transpires. 


As regular readers will know I’ve been on a bit of a kink hiatus. I totally lost my FemDom desires, the spark I got from kink events was gone and I just knew I needed to step away completely and let things come back to me as and when it felt natural. 

What I found myself craving was back to basics, vanilla fuckery. I found that as I mentioned above and god it felt good. What I intended to be a one-off adventure to satisfy my itch, which in turn would satisfy my friend’s own desire for a good fuck too turned into repeat fuckery and so many things have unfolded for us both. 

It turns out the kinks are most certainly coming back to me, which was entirely unexpected given the fact my friend was by his own admissions ‘vanilla’, bollocks to that, I’m convinced he had all the dirty kinks just waiting to be unleashed. Topping I am not though and I am loving every minute of having another person dish out the orders in the bedroom, or the lounge, or wherever we happen to get naked. 

I’ve found myself wanting things I’ve never truly desired before, like anal sex, which is something we’re slowly starting to explore. It’s a lot more about the dirty, rough kinks alongside good solid fucking and I’m really enjoying that mix. It’s not a dynamic that’s dependent on being kinky, I’d be quite happy to scale back to kink free fuckery because than in itself feels freakin’ great. However, being a journey of kink discovery again is quite marvellous and watching another person find new things they can enjoy is delightful. 

Muggle Life

Christmas in my job is incredibly busy. I’ve worked double my normal hours over the festive season and it has been tiring but putting the effort in is worth it when you enjoy what you do. I hope that in 2020 I may actually progress a little in my day job. It’s the first time in my life where I’ve worked anywhere I actually felt passionate about and even though the work can be intense I really do love it. 

I think after five years of focusing on my kink life this might be the first year in a long time that my vanilla life might actually push itself to the forefront and offer me more than it has done in a long time. As much as I’ve loved investing in the kinky life I’ve enjoyed I must admit I’m looking forward to a new balance and seeing what else is out there for me because I truly believe there could be some amazing things coming my way. 

8 thoughts on “[Life] Looking Back on 2019

  1. I’d hands down wish for a “balanced” life feeling torn between extremes. (Perhaps a F4T theme?) I appreciate all the effort and openness you put into your blog. All the best for 2020.

  2. I think work/life balance is a myth… if you work full time your work takes up the majority of your week so it’s never going to be properly balanced, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make sure we do as many of the things we truly want to in our personal hours… in fact I think the lack of balance is why we should all drop the things we do ‘because we have to’ ie to make someone else happy and focus on living our lives to the full ❤

  3. It’s interesting how you lost any interest in kink, scaled back to vanilla and how it then sort of naturally crept back into your life, though it is not necessary for it to be there. It sounds like you had a great blogging year and that you found the positives, joy, even in what many people would find a devastating (the end of a relationship). I’m looking forward to your posts in 2020, even if you scale it back a little

  4. I hope to progress in your job this year the way you want, and I look forward to the content you create this year, and that 2020 may be as an amazing blogging year for you as 2019!

    Rebel xox

  5. Floss this was a brilliant round up – a whistle stop tour through your year, touching on the emotions and relationships dynamics and hi-lights of blogging.
    I did wonder if your kinks had simply gone ‘dormant’ because you had taken your previous relationship as far as it could go. What you’ve discovered seems to support this, so I’m delighted for you, because this next journey sounds fun and satisfying in a different way.
    Always watching and admiring Floss. I’m looking forward to what 2020 will bring to your ‘life’ as portrayed via your blog. xx

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