[Life] First Orgasms of 2020

I saw a lot of people on Twitter discussing their first orgasms of 2020 and in response, I shared the following tweet …

It was fairly cryptic and I purposely left a lot of information out just to be a tease, because that is how I roll, some of the guesses as to how I got my orgasm included ghosts, wet dreams and accidentally turning on my Doxy none of which were correct, I have however decided to give you a little bit more information on exactly how I got my first orgasm of 2020. 

I worked on New Year’s Eve and ended up doing a 10-hour shift, I was beyond tired having had a bit of an adventure on Monday night (which FYI was also sexy, there is a chance I am living my best life right now, lol) and I decided that home to eat and sleep was my plan. Especially as I had to be at work again early on New Year’s Day. I succeeded with my plan, I was fast asleep by 8pm. 

Other people were definitely awake and partying though and at midnight I was rudely awoken by fireworks, they were very close, very loud and I ended up being very awake. Being the lovely person that I am I decided to message my new friend in fuckery and wish him a Happy New Year. We ended up messaging back and forth for a little while and a decision was made. 

He was in need of perking up and I was wide awake and willing to help because I am a kind and generous soul when my friends are in need So I left my house just before 2am and headed to his. By 3am we’d had a good chat, cuddles had been had, his dick was hard and the fuckery began. 

As I lay in my bed before I offered to meet him I debated whether I should be sensible and stay put, or whether I should start the year with an adventure and being sensible held no appeal at all and also I’ve decided that 2020 should be a year for doing what feels good and right for me and quite frankly everything about having him touch me feels good and right for me, so there wasn’t really any chance of me staying in my own bed once I saw a chance to leave it. 

Which means my first orgasm of 2020 was followed by orgasms 2 through to maybe 5 or 6, as the intensity varies it’s sometimes hard to keep count, but it was many and they were all fucking amazing. His fingers and his dick worked their usual magic and my lips and tongue sucked, licked and delighted in the feel of his length in my mouth. It was a wonderful way to start the year and I hope it is an omen of more good things to come. 

In fact, I already know it was at least a good omen for one more sexy session because I had that last night, which puts my orgasm count for the first week of January into numbers I have definitely lost track of. More than anything though, the quality is fucking outstanding and I have so much fun before, during and after the fuckery that delivers them. 

I do not know how long I get this cute human to roll around with but I can tell you one thing, I can’t promise this will be the last time I leave my bed a ridiculous hour with the promise of attention from him being given if I do so. Good fucking is addictive it seems and I am well and truly hooked. 

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