[Erotica] Once Were Nevers

There are things I never wanted. Despite the fact they are dirty, delicious and understandably appealing. There are things I never needed because the very idea of inviting them into my life made my head whirl and my heart flutter. Those are the things that I find myself craving in the very deepest depths of my soul. The desire for them ripples in my bones and when I want them, when I need them it is you that I ache for. 

The when of wanting is easy …



every waking and sleeping moment is laced with a needy, greedy almost unbearable want for you. 

The now of needing is more complex …



how can we ever really know what draws us together and what moves between us when eyes meet and souls grow closer.

What I do know is that want the fuckery of things, your dick in my cunt, your fingers in my ass, I want every inch of your naked body to be pressed against mine. I want to pant and moan and chant expletives like a prayer while you tear orgasm after orgasm from my willing and wanton flesh. 

There are days, oh so many days, where we can’t close the doors and descend into the dirty, depravity that we have become accustomed to. Those days are filled with clandestine actions, passing between us like unspoken promises. I live for those moments as much as any other. Your eyes locking with mine, shared smiles and seemingly innocent conversations that we know to be loaded with whispers of our true intent. 

When I am pinned beneath you though, heart pounding, cunt throbbing or curled against you, my face buried in your neck, my fingers brushing at your chest and the only eyes on you are mine and the only demands for my attention come from you, then in those moments every ounce of heady desire I have is leading to me the things that once were nevers and I tingle with excitement for how wonderful it is to crave them. 

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