[Writing] Lists, Memes & Marathons … Oh My!

Many of you will know that each year Molly Moore compiles a Top 100 Blogger List. Anyone who was following my blog last year will probably remember that I mentioned more than once that I came 2nd on that list in 2018! In 2017 I came 49th. This year, I am unbelievably proud to say I nabbed the No.1 spot. My first reaction, the one no one saw because I was home alone, was tears, lots and lots of tears. 

In her caption about me on this years list, Molly said she didn’t know whether coming second to rebel by only .25 of a point made me double my efforts on my blog and the answer to that is a definitive yes. I will gush and give oodles of thanks further on in this post, but I want to share with you first, how and why I doubled my efforts. 

In 2018 when I became aware of Molly’s list and decided it would be nice to be on it I read her Transparency Report and I actioned everything I realistically could to give myself the best chance of ranking well. I also paid attention when Molly or Michael mentioned things that bloggers can do to improve their blogs and where possible or relevant to my site I made those changes. 

I also looked at blogs from previous lists with a good ranking and had a think about what they were doing well and what I could perhaps improve on myself with regards to my own blog. I also took note of things that made my visits to blogs less enjoyable and removed things from my site that I felt where not helping folks have a good experience when they visited me. 

Even though I knew I’d put the effort in, I never imagined I’d come second place last year, I honestly just wanted to better my 2017 position. So it stands to reason that my aim for 2019 would be to achieve higher than the previous year. Which let me tell you is a lot of pressure to put on yourself when there is only one available spot above your last one. 

I’m not going to pretend for one minute that I haven’t spent all of 2019 wanting that top spot. I absolutely ploughed effort, love, blood, sweat and tears into my blog this year in the hopes I would be the No.1 blogger on Molly’s list this year. However, wanting and believing and achieving are three very different beasts. 

I also visit as many of your fabulous blogs as regularly as I can, and I do not underestimate any of you. I put the effort in because I knew other folks would be doing the same and I could accept being nudged down the list if I’d tried my best, but not if I’d let myself slip down without so much as trying to reach the top. 

If I’m totally honest, the commitment I ploughed into my blog this year may have cost me other things. I don’t regret a single moment of how much I cared about this blog achieving something though, because it meant something to me and still does. When we start off blogging I don’t think we understand how far-reaching the effects of it might be, for me my blog has become a living breathing part of me. It’s like another limb, it’s possibly an unhealthy dynamic we have going on, but I love it so much I cannot imagine being without it now. 

My aim this year was a post every day, but life didn’t play along, but I did what I could. I created and created and content was king because the blog was life and all I could think about was closing the gap between me and that damn No.1 spot and I freakin’ did it! So yes, the effort was conscious and the relief and happiness and sheer pride that I had achieved my goal was immense. 

That said, all the effort in the world would mean nothing without inspiration to write and people to consume my words. I had FlossDoesLife as a domain name before I met Bakji, but I’d done nothing with it. It’s fair to say that I didn’t truly start writing here until we starting playing together and it was his encouragement that really helped me embrace non-fiction pieces and his blessing to write about our time together is what truly began my journey with this blog. 

I’ve also met other people along the way who have inspired me, I am a writer that loves a good muse. There is something wonderful about taking a fleeting moment with someone or one hot night of making out and turning it into a passionate erotic tale. There are many, many pieces of fiction on this blog that all began with a real-life encounter or in some cases a little bit of a crush. 

I am more grateful to the people who inspire me than they could possibly ever know, some of those people will never, in fact, most of them, will never know how my time with them caused me to weave erotic tales as I mulled over my thoughts about them. 

Then I have all of my lovely readers, who are quite frankly the most awesome bunch of folks. You show up here regularly, in some cases for every single post I share and you press that like button or leave a comment and seriously without that, I wouldn’t have had the energy to keep creating content like I have this year. Why would I? I don’t want to talk into a void, I want to talk to and with people, who are listening and responding and making life awesome, and you all do that in absolute spades and I am so thankful for you all that I could cry … again!

What on earth do I do now though? I had a goal for 2019 and I have achieved it, I did not really think about what I would do after that. December is going to be a beast of a month in terms of muggle work. In my time off though I will be plotting and scheming for 2020 blog fun. I have a few ideas percolating and of course, I need to finalise my speech for Eroticon in March, so that will probably take precedence for the next few months.

I know I won’t see everyone at Eroticon, and I understand why many folks can’t make it. Those of you that are going though I am super excited to say hello to you, especially people I maybe missed last year or just didn’t get enough time with. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to attend Eroticon and you want some encouragement or to find out a little more about it then please feel free to get in touch. I don’t think I did it justice with my attendance this year, I was epically overwhelmed but I still think it is an amazing experience and I can’t wait to get another chance to make it amazing.

Back to the Top 100 list though. If you haven’t had a proper look through it, please do. There are so many wonderful bloggers on there to discover. As well as on the New Voices list. There are of course blogs that didn’t make it onto the list and even though this was my goal, I hope no one in any way feels it has to be the only goal. 

I believe with every fibre of my being that having a voice, sharing your thoughts and embracing your creativity is the most important thing when it comes to blogging. I believe it so much that it is the entire premise for my Eroticon speech. So I hope everyone regardless of if or where they placed on the Top 100 still keeps feeling that urge to write or take pictures that they then share with our wonderful sex blogging community. 

If however you are inclined to want to be on the list next year, or you want to be further up the list, I would highly recommend reading Molly’s transparency report and In terms of being seen so folks nominate you in the first place, I would say get involved in the weekly memes. Masturbation Monday, Wicked Wednesday, Sinful Sunday being the big three and of course Food for Thought which is now being looked after by myself and May More, who nabbed herself the No.2 spot this year! 

We have also seen the Smut Marathon 2019 come to an end as well and when I saw the last two assignments I must admit to being mildly relieved I didn’t have to write for them because my goodness they were challenging. I did, however, read and vote, and massive congratulations are due to bluesubmission who was the overall winner. It was a well deserved win, her story was one that got my vote in the final round and if you’ve never visited her blog you really should. 

The entries for the Smut Marathon 2020 open on 15th December and it would be amazing to see more of you give it a whirl. It is terrifying in many ways, but also a lot of fun and I think I will be entering again, because why the hell not, you’ve got to be in it to win it right! 

14 thoughts on “[Writing] Lists, Memes & Marathons … Oh My!

  1. If nothing else, I hope you feel you have absolutely earned all the indulgence and rest you can get through the holidays! You have worked so hard for this top spot and you deserve all the accolades and congratulations your strong, beautiful and creative heart can handle. So fitting that your logo is a crown, as you are clearly our queen. Thank you for all you do for this community! Congratulations!

  2. So thrilled for you and so excited that all that hard work paid off! I sometimes find it difficult to understand how these things work but it’s my goal to be more intentional in my blogging this year too! Sorry I’ll miss you at Eroticon this year! Yay you!!

  3. You worked hard and you got a well deserved top place . No wonder so many people were delighted to see your name at the top. Onwards to the next goal.

  4. I was so pleased when I saw you on the top spot Your hard work on your blog is evident. I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings to you, and look forward to your Eroticon talk.
    Missy x

  5. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you through your blog Floss. This has been an amazing high and low year for so many of us. You kicked some major booty and you definitely deserved that No.1 spot! I look forward to the future and seeing what else is up your sleeve

  6. A great post Floss and I have to say that I have really enjoyed reading your posts this past year. You are a most worthy winner and I am in awe of your ability to be involved in so many memes, the smut marathon, Food 4 Thought and everything else you do. Congratulations xxx

  7. Congratulations on that number 1 spot, Floss. I have watched your blog all year, and something told me that there is just no way for you NOT to be the number 1. Well done!
    And yay for the Smut Marathon!

    Rebel xox

  8. Your win is well deserved. You post almost every day. You participate in so many memes. You encourage others. I was very happy for you! Being in the top 100 is impressive but being number one—just plain wow!!!

  9. Hmmm. I replied and it showed briefly and then disappeared. So I’m going to try again.
    I was really happy for you Floss!! You post nearly every day; you participate in so many different memes; and you encourage all of us!! This win was well deserved. Making the top 100 is a great thing but winning it is just plain “WOWZA!”

  10. Congrats Floss! You earned that top spot through a ton of hard work and deserve every accolade you receive! I do hope you enter the Marathon next year and will look forward to reading your stories. I love your writing style. Thanks for the mention. I am still flipping out. Hopefully, I will see you at Eroticon this year!

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