[SoSS] Sharing is Caring #27

I was meant to be at muggle work today (Friday), which meant I wasn’t sure I’d get a Share our Shit Saturday post done. Apparently life had other ideas though and one projectile vomit incident from the small human has changed the course of my day.

I really enjoy my muggle job and today was a big day there, so I’m bummed out to be home if I’m honest. Which means I need to make the most of it and feel like it hasn’t been a waste. I realise caring for my child is never a waste, but I need some extras too. So Netflix is on and I am going to share some awesome posts with my fabulous readers.

Written Wonders

What Are You Sorry For? by Tabitha Rayne – I’m not sure I even know what words to use to say how damn good this tale is. It was so fucking sexy I felt breathless and twitchy and squirmy and I was desperate to get myself some hot fuckery immediately, which I couldn’t do, but damn the need was real and it was all Tabitha’s fault.

Learning to Be Friends (With Some Benefits) Again by MxNillin – Relationships can be tricky to navigate at the best of times, navigating them without any resources for your situation can be even trickier. For those of us that don’t see the end of a romantic/sexual relationship as an ending but more as a transition of that relationship into something different, it can feel kind of lonely when you don’t see other people discussing things in the way you see them. Which is why I am super grateful to Nillin for sharing their recent experiences of the changes occurring in their polyamorous triad.

My Partner is Facebook Official with My Metamour by Quinn Rhodes – I’m not sure what my journey with non-monogamy will look like in the future but I do know I love Quinn’s post. Again it’s another post that discussed a relationship occurrence that we just don’t have many templates on how to deal with. There are amazing resources out there on non-monogamy but sometimes the best and most wonderful way to feel like other people ‘get it’ is to read posts like this from your peers.

Things I Don’t Remember by Zero – I like dark things. I like writing about and reading about the achy, twisty things that sometimes make other people wince, or squirm, or wonder what the fuck they just read. Zero does this beautifully. Her writing will not work for everyone, but fuck me you need to see if it works for you because if it does she will make you feel all the things and god I love the work she is putting out there. P.S The photos are also AMAZING! So yeah, I’m totally blogger crushing on Zero’s stuff right now.

Cum (Tribute) On Me by Molly Moore – I’m not into cum tributes specifically, but god I loved how much we were all talking about the joy of spunky jizz for Kink of the Week. Molly’s post was insanely hot to me, The things she described were epically sexy and my mind definitely wandered and wanted and became very preoccupied with cum filled thoughts.

Inspirational Images

I love prompt weekends on Sinful Sunday, people are so imaginative and it’s always good to see where we all go with same initial inspiration. December’s Sinful Sunday saw us all take inspiration from the letter H …

Mad Hatter by Little Switch Bitch – I think for many reasons Alice in Wonderland and the characters within it are favourites for many of us and I loved LSB’s homage to the Mad Hatter. She looks freakin’ awesome and my favourite is absolutely the one that has the hint of green in the skirt. Gorgeous photo of a gorgeous lady.

H is for … by sub-Bee – I am so happy that Bee and indeed sub-Bee Keeper shared this photo with us. Double penetration isn’t a kink for me as such, mostly because I’ve never gotten the hang of anal sex. But I do love seeing this wonderful cock and dildo combination and my mind can definitely see the potential for fun.

H is for Body Hair (Don’t Care!) by Violet Fawkes – I shave off all my body hair, all the time and I don’t feel good when it grows out BUT and it’s a huge, huge but I love seeing other women make a different choice because it should be a choice and not something we feel obliged to do because of societal beauty norms and all that garbage we get shoved down our throats. Violet is so good at giving us snapshots of sexy, that give us just a peek of her loveliness and this one is no exception.

Favourites, Food for Thought and Further Perving

The current Food for Thought prompt is ‘One Book’ and you have until late tomorrow (Sunday) to get involved with that. Last week’s topic was Indulgence, Vice and All Things Nice and May chose Hooked by Kilted Wookie as our Spotlight post.

One of my favourite posts of mine from this time last year is The Slut’s Prayer. I haven’t written anything about Jesus or priests in a little while, so that might have to change soon. Until then here’s a picture of me from last year, rocking out with my cross out …

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