[Sex] Welcome to Immortality

And so you went and fucked a writer.

Welcome to immortality.

Erin Van Vuren

We’re fucking on his sofa and he’s fingering me with such ferocious intensity I think I might cry from how good it feels, instead, I just scream into the sex void we’ve created between us and gush all over his fingers. It didn’t help that his hand was either around my throat or pinching my nipples while his fingers navigated the spaces and places within my cunt that would elicit the desired effect. 

These actions mean he’s gone from zero to sixty within minutes of us being naked together and I need to breathe, to recover. My hands are tingling, I can barely open my eyes and body feels like it lacks both muscles and bone. I’m just a floppy, needy, fuck toy and I sink to the floor without any graceful intent to press myself against his body in the hopes I can find a way to distract him. 

He’s kneeling on the floor, giggling, finding humour in my need to take such a sudden break in proceedings. It’s apparently all the funnier for my being awarded the top sex blogger spot, I think it feels likes he’s conquered someone who is hardy and well versed in these matters. Hot fucking damn though, I can’t compete with having so many of my sex buttons pushed at once, even if I can churn out blog posts like a motherfucking beast. 

By some small mercy though, I find my reprieve.

I’m sat in front of him, legs either side of his thighs, while he kneels with enough height that my mouth can settle onto his dick and it’s so fucking good. The position makes me feel small and needy, like a creature that has just crawled out from the earth, seeking nourishment before it burrows back into the soil. He makes me feel this way often, small, disarmed, soft and needy. 

It’s the good kind of needy though, the kind that makes me feel unabashed in my declarations for how desperately I need his dick in my mouth, or in my cunt. It’s the kind of needy that makes my cunt ache when he’s close by, even when he’s not paying me attention. The kind of needy that sees me abandon all intentions of ever wearing underwear when I see him because being coy or playing hard to get is nothing compared to laying my easy dirty girl soul bare and making it abundantly clear that my cunt is his for the taking. 

And oh he takes it, and he fucks it, and he fucks it, and he fucks it and it feels like the chances of me passing out from pleasure are higher than him coming. He does come though, all over my tits, and that hot, sticky mess is a beautiful dirty thing and my filthy, needy cunt is really fucking content … 

For now …

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