12 thoughts on “[Photography] Not Mine

    1. Thank you It is such a cute skirt! Well not sure it’s truly long enough to be a skirt but that makes it perfect for sexy photos and frolicking at kink events

  1. As always your pictures are thought provoking as well as sexy and alluring – your body and how you pose/display yourself creates a wonderful erotic vista.

    Your choice of words is inspired.

    1. Oh I’m so glad someone mentioned the socks, I worse them on purpose but couldn’t quite get them as featured as I would have like so I’m glad they caught your eye x

  2. I can’t speak for everyone but I think that your words here basically describe how all of us feel about your LIFE posts. just saying. Gorgeous, as always!

    1. Ooh you know that wasn’t where my mind was when I did this post, but I absolutely love that take on it that really made me smile

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