[Photography] Honesty

I want you to be my indulgence, my decadence.

I want you to fill me to the brim with indecent debauchery until it spills from my body, dripping, leaking, oozing from every hole you’ve pushed into, thrust into, fucked and defiled. 

I want you to fill every space that exists within me, a little of you will not suffice, I need more, the most, every drip, every drop, every sweet delicious morsel of your pleasure-seeking body needs to penetrate my being and seep into my soul. 

I want you because you are the nicest, most luxurious vice I have.

It’s so simple to lie beside you, to wrap and tangle, and finger my stories against your skin as a blanket of transgressions keeps us warm and as we lay beneath them, they only make me want you more. 

18 thoughts on “[Photography] Honesty

  1. Powerful emotive words paired with an equally powerful image, a fantastic combination Floss! I especially do love the visual impact of writing on flesh.

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