[Photography] A New World

‘Each friend represents a world in us,

a world possibly not born until they arrive,

and it is only this meeting that a new world is born.’

Anais Nin

I’ve had a few folks comment recently that my photos of late have got a certain something going on with them that is proving popular, and given that I had a bit of an emotional ramble in my last post, I wanted to redress the balance a little bit and share how wonderfully positive new friendships can be, even when they sometimes cause us to scrutinise our lives in ways that can be challenging.

The photos in this post were taken because a friend said he expected some Christmas themed photos in his phone on Christmas Day, and the photos in Instinct were taken moments before I left for his house. There are many images on this blog that have landed in his phone first and his reaction to them is so fucking perfect that it makes the way I feel when I take them totally different to how I feel when I’ve just been taking them solely for use on the blog.

The same could be said for the effect he’s had on a stretch of my erotica. I am a writer, or perhaps just a creative that loves a muse. That love affair I have with muses has perhaps led me down some dubious paths in the past, but goddamn I can’t resist that bubbling in my belly and the quickening of my heart that comes from being inspired by another person. It is entirely addictive.

Many new worlds have been born within me with the beginning of a new friendship and one world does not necessarily end because another begins. Though some do perhaps exist more intensely than others at varying times and it’s fair to say the current world that is swirling inside me is oozing in my creativity in a big way.

If I shared every piece of erotica that was actually loosely based on a moment with him then it would be a ridiculously long list. Tribute would be a good summary of how he inspires me though.

In January I will be blessed with the company of old friends too and I cannot wait for that either, because they stir other worlds inside me and I love exploring those too. I am a lucky lady and I have lots of wonderful people in my life and even when I’m navigating feelings that might be a bit tricky for me I am still extremely grateful for the awesome people that I have in my life and all the worlds they have born within me.

8 thoughts on “[Photography] A New World

  1. I find that there is definitely a “certain something” that comes through in my own photos when I’ve taken them for the purpose of sharing with a specific person. So I totally get that.

    I hope your friendships – new and old – continue to unfold in uplifting ways during the coming year.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Hooray for feels – and the hotter the better!

    Your images are certainly being enhanced by the allure you’re projecting. I’ve gotta grab me some alone time to read your latest sexy fiction because I want some second-hand “bubbling up” feels too.

    I am so happy that you are getting out there and making new friends, connections and finding a new muse or 2. Go you Floss xx

  3. I absolutely love the quote, and it made me think of my own friendships, as well as relationship. Strong post, Floss, and I hope your friendships bring you all you desire in 2020.

    Rebel xox

  4. Lovely seasonal pictures but perhaps not next year’s Christmas card! Sounds like you are having a fine time – good for you! Merry Christmas. Mike

  5. Love them! Especially the one with stockings…but I’m very partial to socks.

    I agree that the energy from another person can infuse itself into a creative work. When you produce for someone else who inspires or challenges you, the outcome will always be different. I think that is why contests and competitions bring out things we would otherwise never write. It pushes us.

    I love that this new relationship is a muse for you! And these photos are seriously hot.

  6. Damned hot pics!! And an excellent post. Friends do make life worthwhile and open doors for us all the time. And taking photos with someone in mind is the best!! Stay well Floss and have a fabulous New Year!

  7. As much as we do this for our own well being it is made so much better when there are others to make us feel good about ourselves. Hooray for friendships and support.

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