[Life] Floss’ 20 Things To Do in 2020

Floss’s Twenty Things to Do in 2020 – The Definitive List

  1. Fuck
  2. Fuck
  3. Fuck
  4. Fuck
  5. Fuck 
  6. Fuck
  7. Fuck
  8. Fuck
  9. Fuck
  10. Fuck
  11. Fuck
  12. Fuck
  13. Fuck
  14. Fuck
  15. Fuck
  16. Fuck
  17. Fuck
  18. Fuck
  19. Fuck
  20. Blog Projects

I had a whole different post written for the topic of ‘Bucket Lists’ for this week’s Food for Thought. It’s a good post, but for some reason, I didn’t like it. I asked myself why and decided it was just a bit too nice. Sure I’ve got goals for 2020 that involve friends, travel, muggle life and such life, but honestly, the 2020 top bucket list goal is much simpler and dirtier than I allowed myself to write in the last post. 

The thing I want to do most of all in 2020 is fuck. Like a lot. I’ve spent a long time doing a bunch of freaky deaky kinky stuff and I loved it, every single second of it, but I’m doing that less at the moment and what my body is craving, what it is absolutely, positively demanding I do more of is fuck. I would say just plain old regular fucking but I’m not sure any fucking I do is entirely without some kind of side serving of kinky fuckery. 

I don’t know if this is an age thing, is there a switch that goes of inside you when you hit 35 that turns you into a fuck hungry mega slut, or am I just a late bloomer? Maybe it’s just about trying something new, and after 5 years of kink being my main focus, without high sexual components, sex in and of itself is a bit of an adventure for me. 

If anyone has read my erotica lately you may have already noticed that my writing is being driven by my cunt rather than by anything else. I’ve always said I find masturbation quite dull, and I still don’t prefer it over sex with another person, but my inclination to do it and the satisfaction I receive from it has dramatically increased in the past few months. 

The regular aspects of life will happen regardless of how I plan for them. I’ll still go to work, I’ll still work hard, the bills will be paid, my kid will be fed and during the holidays I’ll make plans to take him on adventures. With or without a bucket list those things will keep happening and I’ll keep trying to be the best I can be at them. 

Which means I feel like I can be totally frivolous with my bucket list for 2020 and I can explore all the filthy ways in which I want to fuck and if that’s my main pleasure outlet for 2020 then I am good with that. Granted this plan involves me finding a someone or someone’s to fuck but I am a resourceful lady and er … I know people, who like things and um … well … maybe I’ll have more information on this in the future. 

My 2020 goal comes with an interesting deviation in my sexuality. I’ve always been very open to casual sex with women, but with men, I’ve always needed an emotional connection to fuel my desire to fuck. Well, apparently my body is on a mission to explore the fucking with folks who are equipped with a dick. This a desire that has swept over me with a level of intensity I have never encountered before, it’s fun and fascinating and always nice to know there are still surprises around the corner where my sexuality is concerned. 

That’s not to say I’m leaving other body parts out of the fun. As always I am an equal opportunity pervert and all hotties that fly into my sex radar will be considered for sexy fuckery. Mutual attraction and mutual willingness, of course, being part of that plan. Also, a small side note that this isn’t an invitation for randoms to hit me up for sex, however, if you have my number or we for reals meet then that’s a very different story. 

I won’t go on to regale you with every current sex fantasy I have, I’m sure the blog will be full of that soon enough, so let’s move onto number 20 on my bucket list, blog projects. Food for Thought is definitely one of those projects. 

For anyone who doesn’t know, May and I took over Food for Thought from Kilted Wookie, I can’t speak for May but my reason for volunteering to do so was purely because it seemed a shame to let all KW’s hard work go to waste. He’d started something good and I honestly thought it had a lot of unrealised potential. When it transpired that May had also offered to assist, it was suggested we could perhaps co-host and quite frankly that has been a wonderful experience. 

I am really excited to see what we can make of Food for Thought in 2020. May is far better with ideas than I am, but I should have more time next year to pimp and promote, so you all get to look forward to that. Which means that between the two of us we should be able to sweet-talk even more of you into getting involved and that is, of course, the main goal, to get more of you blogging about these awesome topics we think up, so we can read your fabulous words.

I will also be starting a new project, which I did briefly mention in Lists, Memes and Marathons … Oh My! It’s called Viva la Verse and it is a poetry based meme. I will share the ins and outs of how folks can get involved nearer the time. I will say though that my intention is to keep it relaxed, accessible and currently the plan is to run it for one year. So it really is a 2020 pet project. I have a one word prompt for each week already selected, but following that will not be necessary. 

I actually had this idea this time last year, and I put it off for lots of reasons, none of them good in all honesty. I think when you’ve held onto an idea solidly for an entire year though it is time to give it wings and see how well it flys. 

This means I’m going to spend a lot of 2020 asking fellow bloggers to write things. Which actually might be part of the plan. I spent all of this year motivating myself and some days that was a hard fucking task, so why not spread the motivational love in 2020 and pester you all into creating even more awesome content than you already do. Conveniently and I promise this is more down to fate than clever planning that is also what my Eroticon speech is about. 

As if I can discuss my 2020 bucket list with mentioning Eroticon, which we will include under the blog projects category. I’m not sure if I’ll be embracing numbers 1-19 during Eroticon weekend, but I’ll be sure to let you know if my Eroticon hotel room sees any action. The closer we get to Eroticon the more excited I get. My entire session is about embracing your creativity and how comparing yourself to anyone else is just asking for trouble. I honestly cannot wait to tell everyone who attends (please for the love of God don’t leave me talking to myself folks) how amazing they are and why that is definitely true and how they can prove it. 

In some ways, actually, in many ways, 2019 was a perhaps not selfish year, but certainly a very self-focused year. There was a lot of me, me, me thinking and I do stand by that and I don’t regret it, but I think in 2020 I’d like to share the love a little bit more and what better ways are there to share the love than fucking and motivating awesomeness. 

9 thoughts on “[Life] Floss’ 20 Things To Do in 2020

  1. “apparently my body is on a mission to explore the fucking with folks who are equipped with a dick.”

    Yes I remember when I was your age and my body acted exactly the same- although before I had never been fussed about “intercourse” – suddenly I wanted lots lol – I think it is something biological that takes over x
    May More recently posted…List in a Bucket ~ A Christmas TaleMy Profile

  2. I call it the Dirty Thirties. I just want sex aallll the time. And all kinds of sex, not just with dick.

    See you at Eroticon!!

  3. It sounds like you have your goals all set out for 2020. I definitely look forward to learn more about Viva la Verse. Let me know when you’re ready with it, then I will put it on my list of memes. Which reminds me, I believe I still have to adjust the hosts of F4T.

    Rebel xox

  4. Sounds like a perfectly awesome goal to me, and I am very much looking forward to your poetry meme. When I started blogging, I mostly wrote poetry, but I am quite out of practice these day. Bring on those prompts!

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