[SoSS] Sharing is Caring #26

I haven’t done a Share our Shit Saturday post for about a month. I am reading and enjoying your posts but damn life has been getting in the way. I wanted to do one this week though partly because there were two posts from last week’s F4Thought that I really feel like I want to highlight.

Normally I make my #SoSS choices from posts shared between the Sunday – Friday before my #SoSS post goes out, but I think I might mix it up this week and just give you two from last week and the other three from the previous week’s I didn’t do these posts.

Written Wonders

The Road Not Taken by May More – Even if I had been doing the round-up for #F4Thought myself and May try not to include our own posts in those. I would have been hard-pressed not to include May’s this week though. When I read posts written by parents that in some way relate to their children, as a parent myself I will often identify with the feelings present as a parent. When I read May’s post I felt like I read it as a daughter and so much of what I felt when reading it made my heartache for the decisions parents make and how they often reflect on whether or not a different decision may have been better for their children. It absolutely made me think about my own parents and thoughts I know they’ve had in relation to my life and I just wanted to reach out and say it really is all okay.

My Greatest Teachers by Kisungura – This was another post that really hit home for me. I won’t lie, I cried and cried through both this post and May’s. Which just goes to show how deeply we can move people with our blogs. Kisungura’s post did give me all the parenting feels and I reflected on a lot of thoughts I have in relation to raising my son and how even when I struggle with being a Mum and I feel like I’m just not the best I can be, none of that really matters because he is here and my life is richer for him existing and I can’t be that bad because he thinks I’m fabulous.

Rejecting Masturbation Shame. Again. by Violet Fawkes – I have had a long journey with masturbation, words I’ve used to describe it in the past have been dull, perfunctory and often unsatisfying. In recent years, and actually more so in recent months, it has become more interesting for me. Never will I prefer it to sex with another person though, it does not compare on any level, it doesn’t feel special and I don’t feel like it helps me connect with my body in ways other people speak of. That said I am all for folks loving masturbation, but if like myself and Violet you’re not head over heels in love with masturbation, that’s okay too and Violet’s post does a great job of exploring her thoughts on masturbation.

Corruptible Innocence by Quinn Rhodes – Words like proper, innocent and corruptible when used in erotica are nearly always going to get me going. Much like in real life. There is something so utterly delicious about being the person to introduce someone to improper behaviour and corrupting them along the way. Quinn pushed so many of my sexy feels buttons in this post, it is most definitely one to read.

You Want Me? You Can Have Me. by Violet Grey – Another piece of erotica that absolutely spoke to my personal interests. There is something delicious about having a moment with someone where you just say ‘come and get it’. ‘You want it? It’s yours. Take it’ and having them absolutely go to town on you because you’ve said exctly what they’ve been dying to hear. Honestly, moments like this are rare in my life but fuck me they make for good stories.

Inspirational Images

I very purposely have chosen three images of cocks, or at least with a hint of cock because, well, why not?

Dom Rod by Purple’s Gem – Fuck. My. Life! If you haven’t seen this image, go now and look. I know from reading the comments on this image and other posts fro Purple Sole that this image pushed him out of his comfort zone, thank goodness that Little Gem is clearly a persuasive lady though because honest to God this image is hot as fuck! I say we need more of Purple Sole in front of the camera.

Temptation of the Flesh by askmefast – Er … I need to think of words … unff? That’s a word, right? We need more photos like this from our rugged looking men folk. The body hair, the cock grabbing, the glimpse of open mouth … all very seductive indeed!

Hiatus by Raven and Annabel Lee – Hot damn these two created something sexy for us! Not only do I love reading about their adventures together and their super sexy erotica, but their images are really starting to heat up too. I am greedy so I’d like more please!

Favourites, Food For Thought and Further Perving

The timeline for F4Thought has changed, so at the time of this post going live you still have over 24 hours to get involved in the current topic of ‘Secrets‘. The previous prompt was ‘The Road Not Taken’ my favourites from that have already been mentioned above by May and Kisungura. The round-up post was done by Swirling Fire and she chose posts from Melody Insights, Steeled Snake Charmer and Francesca Demont.

This time last year I was in full spooky mode and one of my favourites stories I wrote was The Crow’s Whore. Which is actually one of my all-time favourites too. It sits nicely with a previous Sinful Sunday image X Marks the Spot. Today, you get an alternate version of that image for your further perving …

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