[Photography] Celebrating Me With … Well, ME!

I’m sure everyone is sick of me mentioning it, but yesterday was my birthday! I am now 35 and oddly in love with this age. Turning 30 sucked for me, but the last 5 years have actually been awesome and while the last couple of months have totally changed my plans I am genuinely looking forward to whatever new things come my way.

Only a month ago I shared Top of the Floss which was my Top 10 photos of 2019 by virtue of blog stats. I mentioned in that post that they were not reflective of my personal Top 10 and there was some interest in me sharing which would make it onto my personal list of favourites.

What better way to celebrate my birthday than being incredibly self-indulgent and sharing my Top 10 photos with you. To date, there are 137 posts in my Erotic Photography Category! The first one being When In Doubt Wear Red, which was my first Sinful Sunday post shared in March of 2018.

Here they are my favourite 10 images of myself in no particular order because picking only 10 was hard enough, judging them from 10 to 1 would just hurt my brain.

With These Hands

A Shout Out To My Queens

The Shape of You

This Thing Inside Me

Tear Into Your Soul

Deep Into Your Dream




Fear Her

A lot of these posts came with a series of photos, so you’ll need to click the links to see the rest. One of the things all of these photos have in common and why they are my favourites is the stories they tell. Perhaps not to everyone who sees them, but certainly the stories I was telling with them when I created the posts.

Quite a few recent posts have managed to find their way in too and I know why that is, I know what it is I’m doing to give the photos the energy I am enjoying from them, but you’ll just have to wait a while to find out what that is.

I’d also like to say a big thank you to Molly for hosting Sinful Sunday and February Photo Fest and Violet for hosting Lingerie Is For Everybody. Taking in part in these memes, especially my first February Photo Fest this year and the prompt weekends of Sinful Sunday, has done absolute wonders for my creativity and vision in terms of photography. My aim has never been to be the best photographer, all I ever aim for is something I love and something that portrays whatever tale it is I’m trying to tell, even if that narrative only exists in my mind.

Photography has become an outlet I never knew I needed and I am super excited for 2020 because I think I might be brave and try some new things. Again you will have to wait and see what those things are.

8 thoughts on “[Photography] Celebrating Me With … Well, ME!

  1. I echo Tabitha Rayne! My fave of this group of superlative photos is the one where you are lying with the candles just near your breasts! I do like the school girl shot too—I keep watching to see if you’ll lift the skirt to reveal yourself or your panties—but it isn’t a video so I’ll just have to use my imagination! May your 36th year be an awesome one Floss!!

  2. Awesome body and a great attitude – your images really do speak, especially when you combine them with some hand-picked poetry lines.

    Agree with you giving a shout out to the photo memes, but you’ve totally powered yourself into this stratisphere! I can’t wait for the ‘more’ that 2020 will surely bring.

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