[Erotica] Waiting For You

I look at you from across the room and contemplate the ache in my cunt and my brain twists and turns trying to find ways to relieve what can only be described as overpowering, all-consuming horniness. 

I wonder what harm could possibly be done if I was to slide my hands beneath your shirt, hidden out of view, just for one brief and tantalising moment, so I could feel your skin beneath my fingertips, your heart beating against my palm. That simple, seemingly gentle touch is the gateway to an inferno that the Devil himself would envy. The fires of hell have got nothing on the heat you create within me. I’m surprised I don’t leave scorch marks upon the ground as I go about my days, imagining finally being alone with you.

I want to stand behind you, my mouth against your neck, as my filthy words drip onto your skin and my hands delve beneath the waistband of your trousers. I know you’ll be hard, because I know I am wet, the proximity, the aching, the prolonged dance of desire has us both permanently teetered on the edge of ready, all we need is the moment that gives us permission to fall into the abyss of pleasure and we will be lost to the world. 

Being in public, being clothed, both things feel like an affront to my desires. I want you and I don’t want to wait, I don’t want to be patient and well behaved. I want to be on my knees, begging for your dick to fill my mouth, here, somewhere, anywhere just so long as I can give in to this gnawing need to taste you. 

Your voice reverberates in my chest when you speak, even about the most mundane things and  I can barely breathe from the longing it summons within me. Give me your dirty words, hot and warm against my ear, as you tangle your fingers into my hair, and tell me, as you control me, where you want me, how you’ll have me and what depraved acts you plan to unleash upon me. 

The weeks have turned to days, the days will soon be hours, and hours will finally turn to minutes. Waiting feels like purgatory though. Albeit a purgatory where I am suffering for the sins I am yet to commit, and commit them I will. Over and over until my skin is sticky with your spunk and my cunt is finally aching from being well used rather than from the desperate need to be filled with your dick … 

And your tongue …

And your fingers …

Fuck! There isn’t a part of me that doesn’t want to be filled with every part of you and the only thing that makes the waiting even remotely bearable is knowing how beautifully desperate you are to fuck me. 

9 thoughts on “[Erotica] Waiting For You

  1. God Floss, I might have to take a few moments to “decompress” after reading this. There is not many things hotter and that get me going like this smoldering tinderbox of carnal desire between two people.

  2. You have captured so much desire and desperation here with your words. It’s SO HOT and reading it after a few days of orgasm denial was especially fun/torturous.

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