[Erotica] Under Wraps

There is an endless longing you’ve awakened within me

and I no longer know how to be a girl

who doesn’t get what she wants.

Jessica Katoff

It wasn’t a secret that she fell asleep on his bed, after a long day and an even longer night. He had done what any good friend would and had let her sleep when it was most needed instead of travelling home in a delirious state of unrest. It was, however, a secret that he had slid his hands into her knickers as they slept, and the illicit nature of their pairing had her cunt instantly dripping and his fingers slid inside her, his thumb against her clit as she came, stifling moans so that their surely one-off union was kept under wraps. 

They hadn’t fucked that night, even though she had wanted nothing more than to feel his dick inside her, she’d held off and secretly regretted it the next day thinking she’d lost her chance to go there with him.

Their mutual desire to fuck was not kept a secret for long though, they flirted back and forth, their intentions clear and soon enough they had a secret to keep, no one but the two of them could know what went on when they were alone together. 

She figured she should keep some things secret from him, like how eager she was to return to his bed, or how turned on she was by the rules they were breaking. The more times she found herself in his bed though, the more secrets she let slip from her mouth and the more they had to hide from the rest of the world. 

She found secrets like this delicious. Hiding behind a veil of propriety when behind closed doors she was wearing no knickers at his request and begging him to come in her mouth was exhilarating. Knowing he was occupied and should be keeping his focus she would flood his phone with utter filth, wondering if the temptation to see what she had sent would override his desire to be good. 

He was rarely good, the desire to keep the secret was always high, but there was a thrill in bringing that secret into everyday life that was hard to resist. A thrill that would bring a slap to her arse in public places, a thrill that led to dirty words being whispered in earshot of ears that should not have heard their salacious wants and needs. 

For all the fun of pushing the boundaries outside in the world, nothing came close to the excitement of shutting the door and being alone with their secret, their sin, their devilish and debauched ways unravelling as their hands wandered across wanton flesh and their mouths were filled with the delicacy that is secret and forbidden lust. 

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