[Erotica] Moments

I wish you were here, observing, as my body shifts and angles are found before the camera captures a moment in time that you are not present for but that you will definitely get to see. 

My mind is on you as my hands adjust my clothing, brushing against my most sensitive parts in the process, making me want you, making me ache for you, making this moment about more than taking photos. 

My fingers upon the thin lace of my panties reveal I’m wet from the thoughts of you that seem never to leave my mind. I should be doing other things, but surely there’s no harm if my fingers dip into my folds, briefly, curiously … and then … I am lost in a desperate need to come for you. 

You are not here, your fingers, your tongue, your dick, all the things I would love to have pushing against and into me, as I gasp and moan, and curl my fingers into your flesh, are absent from me as I drive myself closer and closer towards the edge of ecstasy. 

I imagine you hard and aching as you view the images, as you want and wait and wonder when your hands will get to slide across my body and my cunt spasms against my own fingers and I countdown the moments until they are replaced with yours. 

These moments, these photos, they are not mine, they are yours, born of the desire that ripples through my body every time I look at you or think of you and most definitely when I take a photo that is destined for you. 

10 thoughts on “[Erotica] Moments

  1. Floss, wow, again you seem to scatch open expose this ache of desire amoungst us that share your need. Your picture explicit with feeling and words naked, exposing their full ententions.

  2. These pictures and the wonderful, urgent, demanding words are just what your blogging fans want. It will be music to their ears. Easy to imagine your post is personal for them and I wholeheartedly embrace what you’ve revealed here. Delicious through the key-hole stuff¬

  3. Your urgent and desperate need for release come through so strongly. Makes my groin writhe in lustful longing. Well done, dear!

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