[That’s My Kink] Kissing

I am a big fan of kissing, I honestly think it is one of the single most joyful things you can do with another human being. I definitely don’t do enough of it for my liking and I have always thought it tends to move to the background a little once sexual activity becomes an option. In a previous relationship, I was asked what would result in more sex and I replied honestly with more kissing. My request was never granted and we never had more sex. The truth of the matter is that kissing me well and often absolutely gets me in the mood for sexy things. 

It’s not just the actual act of kissing I enjoy. I love wanting to kiss someone, being able to think of nothing but their lips on mine and being in a position where we’ve yet to kiss. That feeling of electricity that seems to bounce between your lips and theirs as you flirt, grow closer and edge towards that moment when you will finally know what it is to kiss them. The feeling I get from wanting to kiss someone is intense and a reason I am really grateful to be non-monogamous, while it is a feeling a can get with someone I’ve already kissed, that moment of not kissing right before kissing someone for the first time is a moment I definitely crave sometimes. 

In terms of getting down to the smooching though, I’m a big fan of tongues. For me, that sensation of someone else’s tongue tentatively reaching for mine and gently brushing against before moving into firmer, fuller more urgent tongue twirling is so freakin’ sexy. It triggers a direct line straight to my cunt and its that reason kissing is on my list of things to give me if you want hot fuckery with me. 

I’m not sure I know anyone at the moment who enjoys kissing as much as I do, maybe I need to ask around more and find a make-out buddy because I’d happily spend hours doing nothing but kissing. Don’t get me wrong I’d be filled with sexual desire by the end of that, but there’s something about the sexual tension created by kissing that I absolutely adore. There’s also something delicious about walking away from someone having done nothing more than kiss them, with the promise of more lingering between you both. 

Missed Opportunities

There are two people that come to mind when I consider people I never got to kiss. I think I’ve perhaps mentioned them before. One was a young man that I met during my first job, he was probably two years older than me and his half-sister was in my class at school but we weren’t exactly close friends. 

He and I built up a really lovely friendship, we spoke daily for a good couple of months and I think it was perhaps the fact I was still at school that prevented him from taking it further because the connection was definitely one of more than friendship. I always thought that one day, perhaps once I’d finished school we’d finally move things on a little bit. 

He was the first boy I ever wanted to kiss and the first boy I had genuine romantic feelings for and I think I would have loved kissing him. When we stood close by each other at work I always wanted to close the gap between us, to be closer with a touch, an embrace and most definitely with a kiss. His sister saw fit to sabotage our friendship though and we drifted apart and I never got that kiss. 

The second person I wanted to kiss but never got to was a woman in the friendship group of the girl I was dating at the time. I had a complex relationship with the girl I was dating. The attraction fizzled away really early on, but I dated her for far longer than I should have done. In part, because I’d met a group of friends through her, was experience the local gay scene for the first time and knew if we broke up I would no longer be welcome. 

There was a woman in that group though who was everything I’d always found sexy about women. Her aesthetic made my cunt drip and when I got to dance with her my entire body burned with the desire to fuck her. Having my body close to hers was so freakin’ hot and how I had enough self-control not to kiss her is beyond me. 

I was 18 at the time, and she was 28, so there was a whole older woman/age gap thing going on as well I suppose. I honestly think the sex with her would have been amazing, there is no way dancing with someone gets to be that sexy without the potential for hot sex being underneath it. Her is the kiss I wish I’d experience most. 

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

Kissing whilst fucking! Now there’s an activity I am all for. Having someone’s fingers or dick deep inside me, while their lips are locks with mine and our tongues are keeping rhythm with the fucking is just so hot. Keeping the kissing going until the person I’m kissing comes is also one of my favourite things, the feeling of having someone moan into and against your mouth as they finish is a pleasure that is all too rare 

There have been times though when I’ve fucked people who I didn’t kiss or didn’t kiss often, maybe because kissing wasn’t their thing or perhaps for them kissing was a little too intimate and so I held back. There are moments though where even having my face near theirs, our lips almost brushing, my desire to kiss them palpable, sometimes there’ll be a low moan, from one or both of us. A moan that says ‘god I want to, but no I shouldn’t’ and that kind of exchange will get me going just as much as the actual kiss would. 

Having those moments with someone repeatedly and then finally kissing them is one of those fireworks in my belly kind of experiences. It’s hard to engineer those encounters, so when they occur I really, really enjoy them. 

Kiss and Tell

I’m absolutely not going to kiss and tell. I have kissed far more people than I’ve fucked and I’ve kissed far more people than I’d be willing to discuss on my blog! Yep, shock horror apparently my back catalogue of kisses isn’t for public consumption, who knew! 

I’ve had many, many good kisses though, and some that weren’t to my liking, but I’d be reluctant to say they were bad. I’m sure if I’d had more of a spark with those people the kissing would have improved if we’d done it more. 

I’ve also got people I’d like to kiss more and in some cases people I’d like to kiss for the first time. No idea if it would go beyond a kiss, but as you may have noticed that isn’t always a requirement for me. There are people that I’ve stood close to and wondered how on earth I have managed not to kiss them when my lips are inexplicably drawn to theirs, there are people I’ve kissed once and would love to kiss again.

Food For … the Soul

Kissing is one of those activities in life that I can’t imagine being without, it stirs something deep inside me, something that makes me want to connect with people, something that makes me want to write and often something that makes me want to fuck. A kiss is so damn versatile and I would be absolutely bereft without them. 

To finish off my post I will leave with a poem I wrote a long while ago now, but it is my favourite I have written about kissing … 

Kiss me in that way you do that makes time stop

So that all that exists is here, and now

The beautiful, tender, passion-fuelled here,

And the breathless, head, lust-filled, now. 

Kiss me but give me nothing more

Until my body demands yours

With an urgency that cannot be ignored

Until the depth and breadth and weight

Of everything I am is touched by your kiss 

And all the moments of missing you fade away

As my hands rejoice to find you 

Firm beneath their touch

Kiss me wherever your lips may fall

My body will respond to each one 

More fervently than the last

And when those kisses fall upon my lips

I will kiss you with all the words I cannot speak

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  1. Wonderful poem, and a terrific post that really spoke to all the things I love about kissing. I love, love, love kissing, too, and like you can quite contentedly make out for hours without any clothes coming off (ok, maybe topless) and with no penetration. It’s what I miss about my teens. Snogging and dry-humping for hours! Sweet
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