[#SoSS] Sharing is Caring #25

The last two weeks have been weird. Last week I had my longest stint from posting in a long while, 4 days to be precise! I felt poorly, have a few things I’m dwelling on at the moment and quite frankly I just needed the time out. Nothing is serious, mostly to do with things from the past and all things that will pass over the coming months.

It did mean I wrote very little and read even less. This week though I was tasked with doing the round-up for Wicked Wednesday, which is something I love doing, for any of the wonderful memes that have other folks doing the round-ups. Three of the posts I chose for that round-up are below, I’m including them again rather than just linking to the Wicked Wednesday post because I think they cover subjects that matter and I don’t want them flying under the radar.

The other two posts I’m including are also from Wicked Wednesday and they are posts that would have made my top picks if I could have chosen a top five.

Written Wonders

Meltwater by Kisungura – I like tales that take a bit of a wicked turn and Kisungura always does those stories so perfectly. This one was incredibly eerie and I could imagine it’s theme making for one really creepy ass movie.

Don’t Call Me Frigid by Raven Lee – If you’re ever wondering how to win me over, this choice along with my previous choice gives you a big hint. Raven also wrote something that took a rather wicked turn and I loved it. It’s all when and good when sweet and loving things happen in erotica but goddamn when devilish things happen it’s so much hotter! For me, so yes more wickedness please folks.

Bittersweet Symphony by Molly Moore – Non-monogamy isn’t for everyone. Sometimes the challenges it brings with it are brutal, writing about those things can be hard when you know not everyone will find their way to understanding that despite the struggles it is still a very valid relationship model. That’s why I think this post by Molly and many of her previous posts regarding the recent changes in her life are so important. It would all too easy for many of us to just write when the tough times have passed, but I think it is invaluable to write as they are happening and acknowledge that sometimes the wonderful and the tough happen simultaneously.

Taking Back my Sex by May More – I am always in awe of the bloggers who manage to discuss really tough topics without the slightest hint of self-pity and while still maintaining an overall glow of positivity. May does this time and time again and this post is no exception. Sexual abuse is an incredibly sensitive topic. When that abuse occurs when someone is a minor I think the sensitivity increases and I suppose some people would rather these topics weren’t aired publicly, but personally I applaud anyone who can discuss these topics with the respect and thoughtfulness that they deserve. May is one of the bloggers who does this repeatedly with a variety of topics and it’s one of the reasons she’s up there as one of my favourites. Also, she is super nice, generous and kind-hearted so that helps too.

Ruby Ring-piece by PurpleSole and Little Gem – There are lots of kinks where I find voices from Dominants who enjoy them to be very lacking. Either they are not present at all or when they share their thoughts on certain things I often think they are saying what they think sensibilities require. One of the reasons I love PurpleSole’s writing is that he doesn’t tell us what he thinks we want to hear, rather he shares in an honest and loving way all the facets of his interactions with LittleGem. This post discusses sexual activity whilst LittleGem is Ruby, her little persona, and it’s erotic, beautiful and I think, a courageous share.

Inspirational Images

Woke Up. Felt Hot. Took a Selfie by Tabitha Rayne – It’s hard sometimes to say something nice about images without seeming too enthusiastic, or like a total pervert, Tabitha’s images ALWAYS make me feel this way. Her image for the most recent Sinful Sunday is the epitome of the look I find sexiest on a woman and she looks so freakin’ sexy I could cry. Not sure I did too well at not seeming pervy, but hey-ho, you win some, you lose some!

Snared by Bluesubmission – It’s not often I miss being a rope bottom, but when I do it’s usually because I clicked on one of blue’s rope images. I also know that as graceful as this image looks ties like that are intense and that just makes me love this image all the more.

Not My Own by Violet Fawkes – Violet’s image was bloody powerful and it made me feel so many things. Rage was one of the most dominant feelings to be honest because the fact that amazing, beautiful people like Violet feel this way makes the fury burn inside me because too many people in the world still want to define us and our bodies and the older I get the more I want to tear those people down.

Favourites, Food for Thought and Further Perving

There was no Food for Thought this week as myself and May scheduled a break so we could change the days in which the new prompts will go live and finish. We did, however, write a post about those changes which I’d love for you to read and perhaps when we return on Tuesday we see many old faces returning and hopefully some new ones too. We also have a new badge designed by the fabulous Violet Fawkes, so grab yourself one of those for your future posts. Violet does awesome graphic design work for a good price, so if you need any logos or badges for your own site then get in touch with Violet for something fresh and new.

My most popular post this week has been Older, Wiser, Sluttier, Happier! The image that accompanied it drew far more attention than I would have imagined though, so I shall leave you with the coloured version of that image. #sorryitsnotboobs #moreboobsoon

5 thoughts on “[#SoSS] Sharing is Caring #25

  1. Loved this Floss, not least because I’ve had to go quiet recently for family health reasons & you’re signposting me to the best of the best!

    Can’t wait to check these links, I love your new f4tF logo & I’m joining in again as soon as I feel able. Hope your issues can be worked through soon with minimum cost to all concerned – we need you blogging & raging & educating like you do! Xx

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