[Photography] The Red & The Black

A tortured mind is a safe place to go
But the truth lurks down in the dark below
Step inside my inquisitive mind
Are you scared at what you just might find

See myself in the hall of mirrors
A different shape every step I take
A different mind every step of the line
But in the end they are all mine

The Red and The Black by Iron Maiden

4 thoughts on “[Photography] The Red & The Black

  1. Blackout in the Red Room – Love/Hate
    The Red and the Black – Blue Oyster Cult
    Red Is The New Black – Funeral for a Friend

    Some suggestions
    Of musical colouration
    For your sensual sensation
    So to live the vibe, the pulse, the throb
    Be red, be read, be black in hues of rock’n’blues
    Mingle with that tingle…

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