[Erotica] Touch Me There

Touch me, yeah

I want you to touch me there

Make me feel like I am breathing

Feel like I am human

The desperation weighed on her so heavily when she saw him that it had stopped her from breathing. Whenever he was close by, she could feel the breathes become harder to take, and when he stood close enough to touch she was breathless, desperate and filled with the desire for him to touch her. 

Her body was begging her, constantly, as their bodies found themselves in close proximity. Begging her to make contact, to reach out, to touch, to trigger the spark that would lead to the flames that she longed to be consumed in. 

Through it all though she wondered if he even wanted her in that way. If his fingers ever twitched at the thought of her skin beneath them. If like her he lay in bed at night imagining their bodies entwined, slick with sweat as they writhed and moaned, flesh upon flesh. 

She eyed the dark corners at the party, noticed that other people were too drunk to notice anything. Courage swam through her veins as she missed no opportunity to flirt with him. She hoped she was inviting, enticing; she hoped more than anything to be desired. 

It had been so long. Without passion and the surge of ecstasy that came from sexual pleasure she felt limp, she felt less, she felt distinctly not herself. She’d had other offers, but no one intrigued her quite like him, so she had declined their offers. Finding the thrill of wanting him to be more of a buzz than the others wanting her. 

They laughed a lot that night, as they stumbled from room to room wondering how the hell their mutual friend had arranged a party in an abandoned hotel. They danced a lot too, their bodies moving closer together, her body struggling to breathe as the space between them shrank. She needed to breathe, she needed to feel, she needed him to touch her … there. 

His fingers found their way under her t-shirt tentatively feeling their way as the music slowed and urged people to grind and kiss, moving to a groove that was all about sexual energy. As he began to find his way she could wait no longer, breath held captive in her chest, her body languishing without his touch, it was now or never. 

She pulled him through the crowds, up staircases and past various formations of bodies doing to each other exactly what she hoped he would do to her. They reached an empty room and she slammed the door behind them, threw herself onto the threadbare mattress and waited in anticipation to see if he would join her. 

He kissed her and her body took a breath so deep that she wondered if it would be her last. Air filled her lungs though, over and over as his hands and mouth explored her. She moved beneath him, shedding clothes like an old skin, his touch revitalising, she began to feel alive. Pleasure seeped into her bones as he penetrated her with his fingers, invigorating her from the inside out. 

When his cock slid into her, thoughts of being alive left her and she wanted to die from how full and satisfied that made her feel. He wanted her, he desired her, he filled her and he fucked her. All the while unbeknownst to her his mind was wondering how he got so goddamn lucky. 

He stared at her beautiful face the entire time they were together, marvelled at the way she seemed to flourish beneath him the more pleasure he gave her and every time she said ‘touch me there’ his reply had been ‘Darling, I’d touch you anywhere’ and when she begged to suffer that little death he died right along with her on that old abandoned bed. 

She sought death on a queen-sized bed

And he had said, “Darling, your looks can kill,

So now you’re dead.”

Words in italics from A Little Death by The Neighbourhood

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