[Erotica] The Red Bra

I wore my red bra because I know it’s your favourite and I sank to my knees because I wanted a good view. I found you as instructed, sitting in our favourite chair. High backed and sturdy, perfect for bondage with its wide arms and solid frame. This time you were not restrained, you could move freely but the decisions you made were still not your own. 

As I knelt before you my eyes fixed on your erection, anticipation and desire having done their job beautifully, hard and eager, I don’t doubt you were desperate for my touch. That, however, would be for your pleasure, and what I had planned was strictly for my viewing pleasure. 

‘Touch yourself.’

‘What? Where?’

We both knew what I meant. I meant grab your dick and the flush of your cheeks showed me knew exactly what I meant. The idea clearly made you nervous, you shuffled your bum awkwardly the chair and your eyes began to dart around as if they could somehow discover a way to change the course we were on. They could not. You could not. Fulfilling my request was inevitable. 

‘Take your dick in your hand and fuck yourself until you come.’

‘I … Okay … is that fun? I mean, for you?’

‘Yes, it’s fun for me, now fuck yourself and look at me while you do it.’

Your hands tentative gripped your cock, in a manner that appeared far more delicate than the handjobs I frequently give you. It seemed to have the same effect though. As you found your rhythm, eyes fixed on my tits, as I suspected would be the case, your breathing fell into a familiar pattern and it was clear that the unexpected nature of this session had you hurtling towards climax far sooner than you might like to admit. 

‘Mmmm … someone’s getting close. No asking permission today, as soon as you are ready I want you to come on my tits.’

Your eyes widened, though I’m not sure which bit was most enticing. The knowledge you could blow you load whenever the feeling washed over you, instead of seeking my permission to do so, or the treat of getting to cover my tits in your spunk. Perhaps if it was the second part, you had not considered how I would get myself clean, or being a total pervert maybe you had and that excited you too. 

Either way, it wasn’t long before you were spraying the product of our fun all over me, my tits were covered and my cunt was wet. In my case, I wasn’t sure if it was the watching or the instructing that got me more excited but combined they really did it for me. 

You flopped back in the chair, seemingly thinking you were done for the evening, you were, however, incorrect in that assumption. There was a mess to be cleaned up and your tongue was the tool for the job. 

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