[Erotica] My World Turns Red

I see you and my entire world turns red

Danger and passion unfurl at my feet

Soft lips cover soul-destroying teeth

My hand slides perfectly into yours

As we move unseen through moonlit streets

And the monster breathes for tonight it will feed

Upon the flesh so tender and sweet

You are everything I can’t help but love

Warm, living and pulsing with blood

It’s like a dream to have you here

In my bed, between my sheets

As I fuck you raw

As I make you bleed

They say I’m a horror

A devil

A beast

But as your eyes meet mine

Is that what you see?

As you gasp and moan beneath my teeth

You embrace the darkest part of me

And while I revel in this red delight

I decide to keep you forever

Dead but alive

Inspired by this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt of ‘red’ and the lyrics from Red Raw by Motorhead

3 thoughts on “[Erotica] My World Turns Red

  1. Angelic frisson in rouge lipped fire
    Where well worn seasoning soothes a ripped skin desire
    And dies are cast as thighs are splayed
    One kiss so to last, sighs, be my Ace of Spades… 🙂

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