[Erotica] Dirty Love

That’s what I need, to satisfy my greed
Come on over with your dirty love
I want to taste some dirty love
Don’t want to waste your dirty love

Dirty Love by Motorhead

Love me, away from the hearts and flowers and the soft, tender whispers of always and forever. Love me, hard and hungry, like I need to be loved. Love me with your depraved, delicious hands that plunge into my darkness and create ripples of pleasure that make my bones tremble and my soul shudder. Love me so I feel you in every fibre of my being, so I forget which bits are mine and which are yours. Love me until I have no will of my own, I am a puppet, a pawn, a toy, I am yours. Love me with your fingers in my cunt and your tongue in my mouth. Love me as your dick gets hard and your words tell me I’m your dirty little whore. Love me in a way that makes the world scream; ‘That. Is. NOT. Love.’ Love me as I claw at your flesh and scream out your name. Love me as we satisfy the relentless greed that fuels our desire. Love me as I lose my mind while pleasure rips and tears as your body moves into mine. Love me dirty, deep and dark and I will love you back with my dirty slut’s heart. 

10 thoughts on “[Erotica] Dirty Love

  1. Floss, how incredible is this. I love your posts, pure, raw and unfiltered. You are the incarnation of the passion and desire many of us feel.

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