[Erotica] Become the Beast

Splinters of my soul

Cut through your skin

And burrow within

Burrow within

Sometimes things just happen, sometimes, things happen by because we make it so. This … you … me … was my design. Your hand brushing across my flesh, your boldness catching you by surprise, was entirely expected and most definitely desired. 

Curiosity is a fascinating thing. It can make us explore avenues of ourselves we never even knew existed, purely because we were curious enough to try. You made me curious. I wondered what would happen if subtle hints of attraction filtered from my fingertips to yours. Those moments of contact that were just a little too long to be anything other than an admission of my intent. 

You aren’t like me though. Your needs are not like mine, the things we hunger for are two very different things, still, I could not resist dining with you, just once, just to see and oh, sweet Jesus you were a delicacy I never dreamt of. 

I wanted to burrow beneath your skin. I wanted to claim you and have you and mark you in a million beautiful ways. Somewhere though in the darkness, when lips touched and limbs entwined, it was a mutual exchange and I found splinters of you scattered beneath my flesh and I felt alive. 

Do you feel the hunger

Does it howl inside?

Does it terrify you?

Or do you feel alive?

I wonder if you can feel it too. The new, shared hunger. The desire for my needs and yours converging as we press our bodies together, hidden away from the world, hiding our secrets, building our passion layer upon layer into something that will set us free. 

There is no denying that I was the hunter, that I saw you as prey, something to be toyed with and devoured. Can you feel that need within yourself now? Howling and clawing at your chest eager to be set free. I suspect in polite company you’d deny its existence. Will you confess to me though how it sets your soul on fire? 

There is nothing better than this depraved debauchery that flays us until we are stripped of our shame and modesty. Except perhaps watching it transform you. I listen as low moans give way to deep, dark growls of need. I marvel at your new instincts as your hands grip me firmly, flipping me onto my back, pinning me down, as your eyes bore into me and demand my compliance. 

I’ve always been a hunter

nothing on my tail

But there was something in you

I knew

could make that change

There are many that would judge the darkness of our embrace, who would condemn our wicked, twisted souls and have us spend a lifetime repenting for our so-called sins. I watch you closely and I can see that you do not agree. You have flourished as if darkness were light, and if my body were air. 

You have turned from lamb to lion, man to beast and you are even more exquisite than ever before. There will be people who will try to sway you from this path, do not let them succeed; be strong, be beautiful, be fearless, be mine. 

So embrace the darkness

And I will help you see

That you can be limitless

And fearless

If you follow with me

Word italics from Become the Beast by Karliene ( A Hannibal Fan Song)

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