[That’s My Kink] Fabulous Face Sitting

All the kinks I’ve discussed so far for That’s My Kink have either been kinks or sexual interests I’ve had for a long time or discovered either on my own or alongside a partner. The exception being when I wrote about Figging, which isn’t a kink of mine. This week’s kink, however, is one that I tried purely because Bakji said he was into it. 

When Bakji I and first started playing together we filled out a Fetish Checklist, the first variation was pretty damn cautious. I filled mine out as a bottom he filled his out as a Top, that first checklist did not give full and honest depictions of our kinks. When we started switching we filled it out again and things became a little more open. As many of you will know it’s not until we started using sexy Trello that all our kinks ended up on display. 

One of the kinks that became a prominent feature of Bakji’s bottoming desire was Face Sitting. I’ll be totally honest and admit that in hindsight I did really know what it was. Even though it fairly self-explanatory in many ways, I assumed it was to do with oral sex when I eventually realised that oral sex aside it was a bit of a kink in its own right I was a bit baffled.

For anyone else who might like me not be entirely clear on what Face Sitting may or may not include I’ll try and give a bit of a description. Face Sitting may also me called queening, or kinging and is the process of sitting on or over your partner’s face. Whilst it absolutely can be used to facilitate oral sex, it can also be used as part of humiliation play and as a way to further explore your power exchange dynamic. 

We use it because Bakji loves bums and my bum being that close to his face is a massive turn on for him. If he is tied up, which he nearly always is then it also becomes a huge tease. We also use it to facilitate another kink, but I am not advocating you do the same because it is dangerous as fuck, and that kink is breathplay. I will be writing about this kink at the beginning of September, but rest assured we are risk-aware (the risk being immense) and I am at all times extremely vigilant when we do this. 

How then did I go from being baffled by this kink to using it and play and loving it? Quite simply I gave it a try. I remember very clearly the first time I did it. Bakji was restrained (as he should be) and I was perched above him on a perfectly placed arm of the sofa. We no longer have that sofa, but it was made of wicker and had wide, flat arms that were ideal for sitting on. As I sat there I could see Bakji’s head tilting trying to get a look at me, I could also see his cock twitching, looking achingly hard and I wondered how much harder it might get if I sat on his face. The answer was much harder. 

I think that is the first time I made him come whilst sitting on, or near his face. Something I have done many times since and always provides much entertainment. What I discovered during that first time was the huge rush of power I felt as I sat on his face. At that time I hadn’t quite identified that power was a huge turn on for me, but I think it was one of the moments that helped lead me to that realisation.

From that moment on Face Sitting became a kink that we both enjoyed and I am so pleased Bakji brought it to my attention and that I gave it a try even though I didn’t see how it could possibly turn me on. We have since explored Face Sitting with different fabrics, the winner, of course, being Latex which does, however, bring me to a sad tale. Bakji bought me the most beautiful pair of black Latex leggings ( seen below) and they became a firm favourite on kink adventures both inside and outside of the house. They were especially loved for Face Sitting. As a huge bum lover and a massive Latex pervert, the combination of the two is pretty much heaven for Bakji. I think perhaps I face sat too well and too hard though because those Latex leggings split right in the crotch and not in a sexy still useable way! 

The lack of Latex doesn’t stop us enjoying Face Sitting though. We have engaged in it for the love of bums, oral sex, merciless teasing, bum worship and often just because I can. We have also done it totally randomly when my bum has apparently seduced Bakji without me knowing and he suddenly voices the urge to have my bum in his face. Which I’m not complaining about. 

Position wise, everything about Face Sitting is easier when Bakji is lying down, but because we are both committed to his face and my bum being up close and personal we have also managed to incorporate it in various positions. Whilst pushing his face into my bum whilst I’m standing isn’t perhaps the technical definition of Face Sitting I can guarantee it has the exact same effect. 

As time has gone on the kinks I’ve begun to enjoy the most are the ones that have the best effects on Bakji or garner the strongest reactions. Face Sitting is 100% up there when it comes to both those things. I love that it turns him on so much, that he will moan with pleasure if contact is made and moan with frustration if I hover just out of reach, the second one is amplified when his hands can’t even reach out for a grope. 

I love how quickly I can get him to come while my bum is in his face. The fact that I can draw attention to the fact that he’s even harder than normal purely because my bum is in his face and in turn this makes him even harder is also part of the fun. I can tease him, taunt him and entice him with my bum which makes it a very powerful FemDom tool. 

Disclaimer: I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again. I am not advocating for breathplay to be a standard part of either Face Sitting or anyone’s kink repertoire. If you’ve never done breathplay before please seek guidance before engaging in it. As with all my That’s My Kink posts this is a personal account and in no way intended to be a how-to guide. 

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10 thoughts on “[That’s My Kink] Fabulous Face Sitting

  1. Hi Floss
    I love face sitting too! But we don’t practice breath play! Usually I am performing orally either front or rear. But I can always breath—if with difficulty. Makes me hard too (if I’m uncaged).

  2. very well written.. i shall pass this on to Miss Judy as i love facesitting. She loves me worshipping Her sweet juicy spots. Hopefully, She will read this and me as turned on as You both. and me too
    Great post and Your bum looks marvelous fantasic in those fishnets !!!!
    Thanks for a wonderful post

  3. A very interesting and in depth post Floss. I loved reading your appreciation of the art of face sitting. I never realised there was so much more to it than meets the eye. x

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