[#SoSS] Sharing is Caring #24

I am one tired Floss. To say this week has been hectic is an understatement. I got up at 3.30am on Monday, woke my little boy and drove 5 hours to visit family. We then had three longs days of walking, meeting (new for him) people, before rising at 4.30am Thursday morning to drive back home. Then Friday is a 13-hour shift for me at work, and the same again Saturday.

I will be honest and say I had my Food for Though post scheduled for today because I didn’t think I’d get a #SoSS post done. Mostly because I didn’t envision being able to read any posts!

However, visiting family came with some challenges and I actually found myself retreating to your blogs and images for some stability and comfort. Being Floss in a world that doesn’t know or see Floss was intense. It helped knowing I could back to the realm where I exist when I needed to.

Written Wonders

Apply Within by Cara Thereon – Cara’s post really resonated with me. I love playing with folks other than Bakji, but I’m not looking for love and often I’m not looking for a sexual connection, sometimes just a bit of a kinky exchange. Like Cara though, I don’t always find what I’m looking for. So lots of understanding for her words.

Authentically Ours – Why I’ve stopped chasing labels in D/s by Violet Fawkes – When I read many of Violet’s posts I feel as if I can reach out and touch the introspection it took to create the thoughts she shares with us. This particular post is wonderful and I think a lot of folks would benefit from reading it and perhaps considering whether a similar approach would work for them.

A Fundamental Shift by Raven and Annabel Lee – The writing that comes from both Raven and Annabel is always insightful, and their erotica is very yummy. This post involves a new term of endearment being uttered in the heat of the moment and I love where that single word has taken them. I am very excited to read more about their adventures together.

I used to think I was straight by Victoria Blisse – This post from Victoria is funny, heartfelt and a good reminder that it’s never too late to find things out about yourself and embrace them. Sexuality is incredibly fluid and I think lots of people will identify with Victoria’s writing.

I swallow by Morag – Morag’s writing is sexually charged, honest and always among my favourites to peruse. I’ve never really written about swallowing, cum that is, not just swallowing in general life, so this post got me thinking. Perhaps that’s a tale from me for another day.

Inspirational Images

Laid-back Lingerie by Littlegem – I have almost this very same set, except mine is the separates and I won’t lie Littlegem rocks is far better than I do. Her image caught my eye because I recognised the bra, then it made my #SoSS because she looks so flippin’ lovely in it, as she does in all the images shared on purplesgem.

Back to Work by submissy – I loved the sea of black, with the flash of soft thighs peeking out at us and grabbing our attention. It also has shiny shoes which I can’t help but enjoy.

Grainy by Ouizzi – This is an alternate edit of a photo Ouizzi previously shared and I must admit, I am really into the new version. It looks darker, dirtier and I think could inspire many a tale. It would not be out of place as a prompt image for Masturbation Monday

Favourites, Food for Thought and Further Perving

This week’s F4TFriday spotlight post was chosen by Cousin Pons, head to the latest F4TFriday prompt The Why of Blogging to see who he chose. I must admit the post that caught my eye was actually about something I don’t experience myself and that was The Masturbation Ritual by bluesubmission.

Food for Thought Friday button. A writing meme hosted by Floss and May More.

My ritual is my own, an hour of self-worship that makes me feel powerful, and female and satisfied. Without this time to be with myself, I would be cranky and needy. I wouldn’t know my body as well or feel as comfortable in my own skin. I touch myself and I know myself and I love myself.

The Masturbation Ritual by bluesubmission

It perhaps isn’t the perkiest of posts but my favourite post I shared this week was The Rituals & Productivity of Anxiety. It was something that felt good to write and even better to let out into the wild. The comments on it also made my week while I was away. You are kind and generous people.

This time last year I shared Keeping It Cosy, which was a last-minute Sinful Sunday contribution, but I still rather like it to be honest. I shall leave you with a slight variation on that shot …

3 thoughts on “[#SoSS] Sharing is Caring #24

  1. You’ve highlighted some great posts. I actually followed a couple of new people as a result of this post. I couldn’t figure out how to follow Raven and Annabelle(sp?). But I visited their site too. Have a more restful week Floss!

  2. So it’s like 5am where I’m at, so my eyes aren’t quite communicating properly with my brain just yet. Which is why I had to read the beginning of this post about four times, because I kept thinking you wrote “I am one third Floss.”

    So I’m glad to know you’re not *actually* fractionated. (Even if you are exhausted.) 🙂

    A n y w a y

    I can relate to the tiring-ness of wake-early/long-drive travel, as well as to the need to retreat into a space where you can be YOU. And working long hours on the heels of all that can be especially hard. I hope your trip was positive, regardless. 🙂

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