[#SoSS] Sharing is Caring #23

I’m on a two-week roll with this #SoSS (Share our Shit Saturday) malarkey, next week I am away for a few days. So deep in with the muggles, it will be hard on me, so next week it might just sexy pictures and very few words! Which means a #SoSS post is also unlikely. Which means we need to really enjoy this instalment. I’m also going to include a #Boobday picture to sweeten the deal. At the end though, so you have to visit my recommendations first.

Written Wonders

I know #SoSS isn’t meant to be about me, it’s meant to be about you, but for my first two picks, I am going to mention me a bit! Last week a photo I submitted was used for the Masturbation Monday prompt. More of you lovelies should definitely be sending Kayla your images for this. To my delight, two stories emerged from this week’s Masturbation Monday that were fur coat inspired and I loved them.

Fur coat & no knickers by Kisungura – I love Kisungura’s writing and have ever since I discover her blog and I have missed her activity in this community. I understand her reasons and admire her honesty in discussing them, but how wonderful to have her creative vibes flowing into our little world again. This story also comes with a lovely drawing as well, which I was also quite taken with.

Self-love affair by Girl on the Net – I’m not even going to pretend I didn’t feel genuine excitement in finding myself tagged in a tweet by GOTN and then discovering this was why. If you haven’t read it you should because it’s hot, but be warned if you haven’t read any of her other posts either you will fall down a GOTN rabbit hole. It will be awesome but you may be gone for a long time!

Contraception – the implant days – I’m sharing this post for a few reasons. Partly just to point you to sub-bee’s website because if you haven’t been before you really do need to visit her. Secondly, I had my own implant struggles which I need to do an update post on at some point. When I do I will be sharing it to Menstruation Matters which is my third reason for sharing this post. Sub-bee hosts menstruation matters for us, an ongoing project where we can share our posts focusing on menstruation, which really does fucking matter because it can have a huge impact on our daily lives and well0being, both physical and mental. If you are a blogger who menstruates please take a moment to visit bee’s project and do consider getting involved.

In the company of women by Molly Moore- A photograph and blog post celebrating friendship, even better, celebrating the friendship between women and better yet fellow bloggers and Twitter Lovelies. It warmed my heart reading Molly’s post. I was also touched by the comments it received when shared on Twitter. So many bloggers saying I would love this in my life, I need more blogging friends nearby and people speaking up saying they’d travel distances to make this happen. I get this, I felt all those things myself. I hope it happens for as many of us as possible and I look forward to any photographic evidence of blogging merriment that may be shared with us.

Luck, Be a Lady Tonight by Jupiter Grant – Every now and again the discussion pops up as to whether or not our erotica should be graphic, crude or vulgar. I personally love these things, I love tales that just go for it and serve us up an intensely delicious story with dirty words in abundance. and I hope Jupiter takes it as a compliment in saying that I found that in her story. I loved the unapologetic nature of the tale and I especially love that it ended just how I had hoped.

Inspiring Images

Cure His Heart by Violet Fawkes – I love Violet, in part because she’s a fellow switch who also talks about switching, but also because she adores subby boys, as do I and when she shares images of them with us my heart soars! This image is so fucking sexy I could cry, it also has me reaching for the pegs and itching to have Bakji right where I want him! Which is tied up in bed covered in pegs!

Queer Goddess by Exposing40 featuring Eve Ray – Eve shared her own photo from this shoot, which by the way, I also love. I chose to feature this one though because it means giving a shout out to two awesome people, not just one! Being a Queer Goddess is a wonderful thing and E40 has captured the nature of that beautifully. Not only are these images well shot but they have shiny, shiny boots in them and very long gloves, both of which capture my imagination in many ways.

On a Bed of Moss by bluesubmission – I love the colour blue, but it is a colour I rarely wear, so when I see it on other people I always find it quite striking. I also love visiting blue’s site, her photos are always gorgeous and her words are also a wonderful read. This image is no exception and it deserves to be looked at lots, and often.

Favourites, Food For Thought and Further Perving

May picked the spotlight post for this week’s Food For Thought and she chose a Top 3, because we got twenty-eight amazing entries for last week’s #F4TFiday, which felt amazing, we were both thoroughly delighted. Visit May’s round-up post to see who she chose to be in the spotlight this week. A post that stood out for me was Live Your Truth by Melody, purely because despite our different journey’s I related to Melody’s words on many levels.

Food for Thought Friday button. A writing meme hosted by Floss and May More.

And the rage inside continues to grow, our capacity for independent thought and action frustrated by how we’re kept inside our boxes.  Made to think we’re alone in that rage and that everybody else is happy and content.

And the bitch of this is that you get mesmerised into believing that this is what you want, this is who you are meant to be.  How long can you contain that internal seething ?  All your life !!  Is the answer for so many people.

I spent so long trying to ignore that inner rage, living by the weasel words because there seemed to be little alternative.

Live your Truth by Melody Insights

When it comes to my favourite post of my own from the last week? Hands down it would have to be Secret Keeper. I loved writing this and the responses to it have been delightful. This time last year I also shared Nurse Floss Will See You Now, which reminds me I still have some medical kinks to see to.

And finally, I leave you with boobs. Taken last night after a 13 hours shift at work. After which I cycled home in the rain, mascara ended up smeared under my eyes, my hair was bedraggled once out of my pony-tail yet I couldn’t help but think it was the perfect time for a photo. I suspect I was thinking of all of you in my sub-conscious.

5 thoughts on “[#SoSS] Sharing is Caring #23

  1. Great selection, Floss, and thank you so much for the inclusion
    I absolutely am flattered and take it as a huge compliment that you enjoyed the smuttiness of “Luck…”

    I’m sorry you got caught in the rain, but love the sexy photograph that came of it

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