[#SoSS] Sharing Is Caring #22

I confess; I love the sound of my own voice so much that my own content has taken precedent lately over #SoSS (Share Our Shit Saturday) posts! Feel free to send your suggestions for suitable punishments my way, I will get Bakji to administer them on your behalf!

I’m going try much, much harder though to do at the very least a monthly #SoSS post, but ideally, I would love to return to do doing them weekly as I was that the beginning of the year. In part I struggle with #SoSS posts because they don’t have enough structure, so going forward I will be picking the same amount of written posts, image posts and highlighting my favourite post from Food For Thought Friday. Why that specific meme? Because it is the one I co-host with the fabulous May More.

So without further ado, let the sharing commence …

Written Wonders

When I thought you were a God by Masterseye – This piece by eye is so incredibly beautiful and I wonder if anyone could fail to be moved by it. Despite it clearly being intensely personal I think many of us will relate to it on some level. There were certainly parts that made me think of Bakji, and my heart ached in a way that is only possible because it knows the intensity of my love for him.

Carside Pickup by ThePinkSeam – This was so freakin’ hot, I genuinely wanted to touch myself after reading it. I have on many occasions got Bakji to tell me about his masturbation sessions and reading this story I was able to imagine doing that again, perhaps this time with a personal show too.

He came before dinner by Francesca Demont – This also involves a man masturbating, apparently I’m a nob pervert this week! This tale also involved Latex, which I’m also hot for. There really was no way I wasn’t going to be hella into this tale.

Bucket List??? by Life of Elliott – Remember how I said I was a nob pervert this week? Well here is further proof, because Elliott shares a great tale of masturbation. Not only that though he talks about potential pleasuring of other men, and watching other men in sexy action together. Again just playing into one of my mega kinks, so how could I not love this post.

Breadcrumbs by Kisungura – My relationship, my D/s dynamic and my life experiences are all very different to Kisungura’s as they are to all of yours, but even so I could relate to this post in my own way. I’m great at retreating, but I also build walls as I go, which makes meandering back a sometimes mammoth task! It can be done though and I very much hope Kisungura finds her way back too.

Inspiring Images

Low by The Lexy Experiment – My absolute top pick from last weekend’s Sinful Sunday prompt weekend. There is always something so beautifully atmospheric about Lexy’s pictures and this one, amongst many of her others would not look out of place hanging on the wall of a much finer home than mine.

Lean Back by Deviant Succubus – Two things I enjoy in life are boobs and stuffies, combine the two and I am wooed! I think this image from DS is cute as fuck and I think her panda friend looks like a fabulous companion.

Hanging out in my comfy underwear by Jupiter Grant – Something about boobs in vests has always got me hot under the collar. So when I clicked on Jupiter’s pictures I was definitely in a happy place.

Favourites, Food for Thought and Further Perving

This week I set the topic for Food for Thought Friday (myself and May take it in turns, or use one of our contributor’s wonderful ideas) and I decided upon Words To Live By. This also means I got to choose the spotlight post which was What Is Taboo by Steeled Snake Charmer because the quote below from them is how I wish everyone could be.

So, I guess people being hateful is taboo to me. I’m not a naive person but I do try to be a hopeful one. I try to be the one who pushes people to be kinder. I try to be the one who picks someone up rather than pushing them down. I aspire to be better than I was yesterday, failing at times and falling on my face at others, but I don’t want to give in to hopelessness.

Steeled Snake Charmer

It seems a bit self-indulgent to share all my posts from any given week with you, so instead here’s my favourite post from this week floss-with a little f and a throwback to my own Sinful Sunday prompt image from last August Me, My Camera and I.

And finally, this post is also going into the #Boobday link-up which means I should probably share some boobs with you all, an alternate image from the set that has provided my new #SoSS header image as seen above.

5 thoughts on “[#SoSS] Sharing Is Caring #22

  1. Thanks for the mention, glad you enjoyed my piece. It’s so affirming to me to be included with so many great blog posts.

  2. Glad you enjoyed my story! Also, kudos for returning to #SoSS! I’m still trying to return to my previous level of participation! But, I do want to try my hand at Food for Thought this go-round! (Here’s hoping I can get her done!)

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