[Erotica] Sunshine On My Shoulders

I’m almost annoyed with myself when I look at you. My chest tightens, my cunt tingles and the urge to fuck you is overwhelming. I constantly have to hold back though, after a drunken kiss saw you confess you felt the same, but you were married, monogamous and didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I get it. I do, but it doesn’t stop the ache of desire building in me every time I see you. 

This time it’s worse, I’m caught off guard, I wasn’t expecting you to be here. Radiant in the summer sun, glowing in a way I’d never seen before, laughing, loving life and generally being more beautiful than anyone has the right to be. As a person I definitely adore you, but damn, every time I look at you my cunt takes over. Aching, throbbing and actually burning with the intense unexplored need I feel for you. 

You eyes lock with mine across the throng of friends spread between us, and I’m caught between joy and horror when you being to walk towards me. You look so happy to see me and it’s so incredibly sweet, but I know you’ll give me a big hug, your familiar scent will fill my nostrils and it will take all my will power not to kiss you. Fuck, what I wouldn’t do to kiss you again. 

‘We can do it now!’ 

I was utterly baffled, what were you talking about?

‘We can do what now?’

‘Silly! You know ‘it’.’

Your eyes rolled so far back in your head I nearly burst out laughing, but on some level, dawning comprehension stopped me in the hopes you’d become crystal fucking clear.

‘Fine, I’ll say it, fuck, we can fuck now. Didn’t you hear? No more husband!’

Admittedly I’d been out of town for a few months, and apparently, I’d missed a lot. Not least of all the fact he’d ran off with your neighbour. You seemed far from sad though, in fact, you seemed free and more yourself than I’d seen in a long time. 

‘So, how about it? You still up for it?’

I’m not sure I had words to verbalise my desire, I simply took your hand in mine and pulled you away from the hustle and bustle of a summer BBQ. We ran, physically ran, giggling with heady excitement until we collapsed with belly aching laughing in a quiet field with the heat of the midday sun beating down on us. 

We stopped laughing when my lips met yours and that desperate, long-held need crashed over me and with an almost terrifying passion I began to fuck you. You moaned and cursed, clawing at my flesh, begging me for more, begging for orgasms, kisses, biting and bruises. I gave it all gladly, The sunshine on our shoulders, sweat-slicked lips melding together in the freedom of the great outdoors and I decided that fucking you in the sunshine was the best thing in life. 

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