[Erotica] Playtime at the Beach

My toes wiggled in the sand as dusk fell and people began to vacate the beach, heading for bars, dinner, dancing and in some cases debauchery. My friends amongst them, including Jake who was apparently immune to my charms, or just not interested in my flirtations. Which is why it was such a surprise when he landed beside me in the sand. 

‘What are you doing here? I thought you were all off into town.’

‘We are, well were, but I didn’t realise you weren’t coming.’

‘What difference does that make? I thought you were going to try your luck with Lily?’

I hated myself, I sounded like a sullen child, resentful of someone else playing with their toys. I adored Lily and had found myself in bed with her, more than once, but she made all the boys oblivious to the existence of anyone else and sometimes it was infuriating. 

A blush had risen in his cheeks at my words, and the words that followed were mumbled and awkward, and part of me felt vaguely sorry for him, but the other part of me took pleasure in his discomfort. 

‘Well, yeah, I did and she pointed out that perhaps I had other options. I feel like an idiot now, I think you’re awesome and super sexy and I wish I’d realised sooner you were flirting with me.’

I bumped his shoulder playfully with mine and responded with a kiss, as I suspected my body felt electrified as our lips touched and every inch of my body thrummed with an urgent desire to fuck him. He pulled away from our kiss though, looking incredibly nervous and my heart sank. 

‘The thing is … I feel bad just ditching Lily after I’d made a pass at her, which I did explain to her and she suggested that maybe two sexy friends might be even more fun than one?’

He glanced over my shoulder and I turned to see Lily leaning against a beach hut, chill as fuck, her long summer dress fluttering in the breeze as she blew me a kiss. She knew me well, probably better than the rest of them and clearly Jake was on an errand he was certain he could not fulfil. Lily, however, knew better. 

‘She’s a wise woman. Three is one of my favourite numbers, are we opting for your place, mine or right here on the beach.’

His eyes widened as he took in my words, said loud enough for Lily to hear and a grin spread across his face as she sauntered over to us as I wondered if he had any idea that we were about to absolutely ruin him. 

‘Here works for me you dirty pervs, there’s no-one about now, plus the chance of getting caught is already giving me a lady boner.’

Lily’s way with words as always captivated me and I pulled her down to the sand where all three of us discovered the joy of friendship. 

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    1. I already did one for KOTW seems I’ve got summertime on the brain! Maybe because it keeps bloody raining

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