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When I started out with That’s My Kink I planned on all my posts being word-based and thorough explorations of why I like a wide range of kinks, fetishes and sexual practices. There are some kinks that have garnered more words than I ever could have imagined, That’s My Kinky – Spunky Cockgasm is a good example of that. I’ve also written about things I didn’t plan to, That’s My Kink – Titillation, Taboos and Turning YOU On being the prime suspect in that category. 

For this next kink though I’ve realised words may not be satisfactory. As you know already from the title this week’s kink is fishnet. Glorious, sexy and definitely my kink fishnet. When I think about why I love it though it is such a sensory and visceral feeling that fishnet provokes in me, that explaining that in words is tricky. I will, however, give it a go. 

Fishnet is definitely my go-to fabric when it comes to feeling sexy. I love lace and I love Latex, but for some reason, neither of them give me the instant feel-good confidence boost that fishnet does. I think I look good in fishnet and maybe that is the difference, hell I think everyone looks good in fishnet. To me it’s pure sex, it’s a raw declaration of sex appeal and it absolutely oozes yumminess. 

What I love about fishnet is that it can look super trashy and still be incredibly sexy. When my fishnet tights get holes in them throwing them away is never an option because in my books those holes just make them even hotter. Punks, goths and rockers are often fans of fishnet too and I think that just adds to the appeal for me. I suspect the beginnings of this kink can be found somewhere in my younger years, but to be honest, I’ve been a fan of it for so long I wouldn’t even know where to begin on pinpointing its origin.  

While fishnet for me is definitely a sexy time fabric, I also love pairing it with daytime outfits. I’m a huge fan of layering and fishnet is perfect for this. Plain tights, fishnet and knee-high socks is a great look in my book. As is a nice dress with fishnet legs. Ripped jeans with fishnets underneath is something I’m also a fan of. Basically, there isn’t an outfit in existence that isn’t made better by fishnet in my opinion. 

There really isn’t much left to say because all my other thoughts are incoherent babbles of inner feelings! Which means I need to find another way to express what it is about fishnet that woos me. As luck would have it, I have many, many pictures of myself in fishnet and I have selected a few of my favourites to share with you.

There will have it, Floss in fishnet and a range of images that just remind that I am right in my kink for fishnet because it’s frickin’ awesome! Even my image below which Bakji took originally is me in fishnet, which just goes to show it is everywhere in my life and it is something I definitely want more of!

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8 thoughts on “[That’s My Kink] Fishnet

  1. Yes! Love fishnets because, as you observe, everyone looks good in them. They bring out the inherent sexy in everyone. And you look GORGEOUS in them of course.

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