[Relationships] I’m Hot for His Body

When I consider the question of what do I love about Bakji’s body, my first reaction is just to say ‘everything’ because it’s true. There is not a single part of his body that I don’t adore. When I first saw Bakji I thought he was gorgeous, he was slimmer then than he is now, gym sessions mean he has filled out in a more muscular way. Then slender physique gave him a rather androgynous quality, yet he also had an undeniable masculine vibe too and the combination made me giddy. 

When we first started playing together my access to his body was limited. As the Top, he tended to drive our scenes and because I was holding back in terms of keeping my emotions safe and in check, I never tried to instigate anything sexual beyond the scenes he initiated. In the early days of our friendship, there were others involved and I remember how marks upon his flesh made by others would cause him to shy away if I tried to remove his shirt, and actually seeing them was a stark reminder that he was in no way mine to enjoy. 

I don’t share this to paint anyone in a bad light, we were all new and learning. I share it because I think alongside the rest of my post it shows what a journey we’ve been on and how far we’ve come. We have moved on from those days in many ways. My views and understanding of non-monogamy have shifted dramatically and the feelings we have for each other are not the fledgeling maybes of a new friendship. 

While our D/s dynamic doesn’t present itself outside of a scene, when we are playing our main exchange is a FemDom one. My desire to try FemDom out was partly due to wanted to be in control of getting to explore his body. I had no plans for being the Top other than tie him up and touch his body, all over, every inch of it, until I had my fill. I’m still waiting to get bored of having free reign over his body but it seems an unlikely scenario at the moment. 

One of my favourite things to incorporate in our scenes is CFNM (clothed female, naked male), there is honestly nothing better than seeing Bakji’s naked body ready and waiting for my attention. A huge reason I love Bakji’s body is sexual. He arouses me in a fuckton of ways and I get such a thrill from seeing his own arousal on display. I’ll be honest, even if it sounds like I’m bragging and say he has a freakin’ delightful cock. I’m not a huge cock lover, as in I’m more about vulvas and I have to be super into a cock to really ache for it, Bakji’s has managed to woo me in all the ways though. I bloody love touching it and he knows he can tease me with it and often does. 

It’s not all about the genitals though. He’s got an arse that just begs to spanked and fucked, though we’re still getting the hang of that second part. Doesn’t stop me thinking about it frequently though. I think they’re the obvious bits that people might expect me to get hot for. There is so much more about Bakji that get me going though. 

The upper part of his chest between his pecs and his shoulders is an area I’m particularly fond of. Nowadays I get to show that love with needles, but long before that was an option I would find myself trailing my fingers across his collar bone, or resting my palm in that space beneath it. I never really fell in love with being a rope Top in the way I suspected I might, but I have always loved tying Bakji, especially in a chest harness. While restraining him is always part of that fun, I think highlighting and drawing attention to a part of him I enjoy so much is definitely a benefit. 

When we lie in bed together, his chest definitely gets a fair amount of my attention, but I also love resting my hands against his sides, curving around his rib cage. Not sure what it is about that area that I find so appealing, but it’s another spot I never tire of. As Bakji snoozes my hands often roam and this is never with sexual intent. We are not people who get off on sleepy or morning sex, well I’d take it, but Bakji isn’t a fan, which is all good. So when he’s in my bed it’s just a chance to snuggle close and let my hands explore and enjoy the terrain of his body. He often wakes up saying he could feel me touching him and thankfully it’s something he likes being on the receiving end of. 

When we play I not only get to touch Bakji’s body in all the ways I enjoy, I also get to watch him react to the various sensations I bestow upon him and that is another delightful aspect enjoying his body. I get to watch his muscles tense, whether that’s because I’m doing something to intentional make him nervous or because intense pleasure feels are kicking in. I get to watch his eyes glaze over as he goes all spacey, then I like to offer him something to focus on because he can’t and it fucks with him beautifully. I love that I get to objectify him, I can use his body and his responses to embarrass him and I can do it all because it knows how goddamn sexy I find him. 

I have done a whole host of things to Bakji that I suspect to many people in the outside world wouldn’t look like love. My love for Bakji’s body absolutely soars when we engage in kinky play. As I’ve said FemDom is our main form of play, but we do switch things up now and again, and Bakji knows he can use his body against me, to infuriate me and make me beg. 

When Bakji Tops me, all I ever want is to touch him. He gets me horny, usually restrains me and stops me being able to get to him. He will then make me say the words, he’ll make me confess to wanting to touch him. He’ll wave his cock near my mouth and I’ll open in it in a flash eagerly hoping I’ll get to feel him with my tongue, and he’ll laugh and take it away. Even though we both know that I have a huge desire to touch him, and my entire FemDom existence begins with that desire, it still embarrasses me to confess it with words as a bottom. This is the power of kinky play for me, and the joys of some erotic mindfucking. 

I don’t want to leave anything out, but I’m honestly not sure anyone would read an entire blog post cataloguing every body part and why I love it. I love Bakji’s legs though, they’re so shapely and beautifully toned. He has ambitions to crossdress and they are also going to look fabulous shaved and accentuated by heels. 

His hands, arms and shoulders are masculine, strong and muscular, but in a more toned and defined way rather than in a bodybuilder popping way. The fact that his physical appearance is one of strength and masculinity goes a long way towards making me want to Dominate him. He is physically a lot stronger than me and I am not skilled in any particular art of overpowering someone. He does not submit to me because I can physically make him do it, he submits to me because I use my words and my charms to make him kneel at my feet in worship. It is a wonderful balance of our differences and an exchange of power that I absolutely adore. 

Physical attraction is what definitely drew us together and there was no love at first sight, or any intentions at all to create something beyond a sexy friendship. Things change though. While I am very enthusiastic about BAkji’s body and unapologetically so, I am also a huge fan of what’s inside as well. He kind, caring, clever and funny, to name but a few of his awesome qualities and those things shine out him. He radiates awesomeness and that just makes him even more attractive to me. 

6 thoughts on “[Relationships] I’m Hot for His Body

  1. Since that comment worked, here’s what I tried to say three times!
    I love this post Floss! It’s always so nice to read about two people who love each other so much that they really are like one person! It makes me feel good about the potential for our world! I wish the two of you continued happiness!
    If any of my previous comments eventually show up here please delete them. No one wants to read the same comment multiple times!

  2. THIS!!! This part right here is my favorite

    “ I get to watch his eyes glaze over as he goes all spacey, then I like to offer him something to focus on because he can’t and it fucks with him beautifully.”

    I do also love the descriptions and care you have given to the rest of the post, but ugh the mindfuck.. instant Dommey mental space

  3. I love this post. It made me smile and think of the body I adore. It’s so touching the way you talk about Bakji, and this is a wonderful piece

  4. While we are often drawn to the outside of a person (duh…that’s all we get at first…besides pheromones), the inside definitely makes the outside all the more sexy.

    I love how you just have a catalogue of things to love about Bakji. You obviously appreciate him, and it shows through your writing. He’s a lucky boy to be enjoyed so thoroughly by someone.

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