[Photography] Tear Into Your Soul

#SinfulSunday, Erotic Photography / Sunday, July 14th, 2019

Baby, I wanna fuck you

I wanna feel you in my bones

Boy, I’m gonna love you

I’m gonna tear into your soul

Honey, I wanna break you

I wanna throw you to the hounds

I gotta hurt you, I gotta hear you from your mouth

Boy, I wanna taste you, I wanna skin you with my tongue …

Meg Myers – Desire

29 Replies to “[Photography] Tear Into Your Soul”

  1. Okay these are incredibly hot! The wet looking hair, red eyeshadow, the bright glare on the knife… I don’t usually like knifeplay stuff but dayum, Floss!

    1. Thank you they were so much fun to take, I’m not one for roleplay usually but taking this definitely involved a bit of that

      1. Thank you, I love a dark theme too and it was so much fun to dabble in the darkness for some photos 🙂 x

    2. Thank you I’m so happy that folks enjoyed them, especially people not necessarily info knives, that’s even more awesome x

  2. You’ve pulled this off alright! The menace and the agressive intent radiates off you. It’s not my kink but you portray it well and make it look super sexy.

    1. Well the knife is subtle I guess also thank you, I had so much fun with these images and other folks enjoying them is fab x

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