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I’m not a huge movie buff and I’ve been told on numerous occasions my taste in movies and Tv sucks, and you know what? I absolutely don’t give a shit. I know lots of people who are highly interested and invested in the technical aspects of visual media, they see so much that I don’t when watching a movie and they understand far more about the production than I care too. Their way is fine, but it really isn’t for me. 

I am a simple best when it comes to movies and TV. All I care about is whether or not I enjoy it. What pleases my eyes visually probably isn’t what the movies buffs class as cinematically brilliant. What makes me laugh probably isn’t comedic genius and what arouses me, well, that probably doesn’t arouse everyone, but I made my peace with that long ago. 

Often it isn’t whole movies for me. I might enjoy the whole film or TV Series, but it could be just one small scene that gets the sexy going. Perhaps even the overall concept. Sometimes just the attitude of a character and the presence of the actor in the film might be enough to make me feel some kind of sexual arousal whilst watching. 

Angelina Jolie is a prime example of an actor being able to make a movie sexy for me. Girl, Interrupted isn’t exactly a movie filled with sexy plotlines, but when I was a teenager watching that movie I was gripped by how damn sexy she was. It was the catalyst for me watching as many of her movies as I could. When she was in Gone in 60 Seconds I nearly came in my pants because her aesthetic in that film is everything I am still attracted to in women. Or maybe that film is why that’s an aesthetic I’m attracted too. 

One of my first and most long-standing ‘phwoar’ moments of a movie belongs to Pretty Woman. Which is apparently now problematic, but considering it was made in 1990, which is horrifyingly nearly 30 years ago, I’m actually not prepared to throw it under the bus and pretend I’m not into it. I’m certain I was far too young to watch this movie when I did, and I have returned to it many, many times over the years, from that first viewing up until the most recent viewing though, the piano scene never fails to get me. I don’t think it’s even what we see that turns me on it’s the promise of what might be and the passion. To this day those moments where you are almost becoming sexual with someone, but still very much inching towards getting it on, are incredibly sexy to me. 

I’ve mentioned more times than is probably necessary that vampires in the media have been go-to fodder for my sexual fantasies and now it seems perhaps my kink proclivities. I won’t go down the vampire road again for this post, but there is another movie that is heavily blood-based, that I found incredibly erotic and that was Stigmata. I’d love to give links to specific scenes, but there are none I can really find that couldn’t potentially cause people distress and while I know you don’t have to press play, someone may do so in good faith that it won’t be do bad, and be lead down a path they do not enjoy. I’ve explored religious themes in erotica myself, as well as demonic possession and ritual markings. Again I don’t know what came first, the curiosity then the movie, or the movie then the erotic curiosity. 

As a teenager, movies that featured people with varying sexualities always garnered some kind of interest from me. One of my favourites being Bound. Not least of all because Gina Gershon appealed to me in a very ‘get in my pants’ kind of way. When I was a teenager getting to watch movies that had these kinds of characters and scenes in wasn’t that easy for me. Wild Things, Cruel Intentions and If These Walls Could Talk 2 were all movies that had moments in for my lady-loving side. Although in fairness in Cruel Intentions I found Kathryn’s relationship with Sebastian far more arousing than any other part of the film.

It’s not only hot woman and demonic possession that gets me hot though. There are plenty of male movie moments that do it for me. Christian Bale in both American Physcho and in his Batman outfit should definitely get a mention, although Tom Hardy as Bane would probably win my all-time sexiest Batman moments. 

My absolutely favourite male movie phwoar factor though would have to be Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Not just because he looks so divine I want to lick every single inch of him, which FYI he does, but because the concept of guys fighting totally arouses me. This extends to watching things like Ultimate Fighting. Boxing a little bit, but that’s a bit classier and controlled and I like the rawness and bare-knuckle elements best. Again Fight Club isn’t exactly focused on the sexiest parts of humanity, but I can’t deny the erotic effect it has on me and I have no desire to in all honesty. 

In terms of TV moments, characters, actors or plotlines that made my sexy thoughts start whirring, it seems to be the less romantic things that fire me up. Jamie Dornan was ruined by Fifty Shades of Grey, before that he was smoking at as Paul Spector in The Fall. He was a bad, bad man, but holy smokes he was sexy. I won’t lie he’s not the only killer on my fictional to-do list, Dexter had his moments, James Purefoy in The Following probably could have got me to join his cult and most of the decent vampires come with a potential risk factor if you fuck them so many of them make the list too. 

With those kinds of characters it’s not just the physicality of them that appeals, it is the nature of their personalities. They are flawed and evil people, they commit atrocious acts and while in reality, those kinds of people sicken me, when it’s fictionalised they have an allure to them that draws me in on multiple levels. I think vampires are a popular way of exploring that kinds of attraction because they don’t exist, so it’s all a fantasy and therefore says less about us as humans than if we place that eroticism on mortal characters who commit the same atrocities. My brain, however, doesn’t seem to want to stay in the immortal realms and a fascination with fictional serial killers has fuelled a lot of my erotic moments. 

I suppose there are lots of romantic moments and sexy good guys or gals out there that would top lots of other people lists for most sexy, I think for me though movies and TV are about escapism. Which means that overall, I don’t want to fantasise about things that are attainable or even safe and a lot of the time not that sane. I want to fantasise about things that push me to the edge of myself, things that delve into the wickedness and cause me to divulge my darkest thoughts if only to myself. 

What are your thoughts when it comes to sexiest movie moments? Or is there a TV show that gets you hot under the collar without fail? Maybe a specific character that has fuelled many an erotic daydream? Whatever your thoughts why not share them with us for #F4TFriday? Myself and May would love to hear them. Whether it’s a full post or simply a snippet of your all-time phwoar moment, we are ready and waiting to see what goodies you send our way. Or maybe you don’t find movies sexy at all and you’d like to tell us why. Whatever ever your take on the prompt, head to Food For Thought Friday and get involved. 

4 thoughts on “[Life] Movies That Made Me Go Mmmm …

  1. The fascinating thing here is seeing the generational shift in the movies that have helped form us. I know of most the movies you have here, even if I have only seen bits and pieces of some of them. I initially thought Fight Club was an unusual choice but on thinking about your words I see exactly why the unsanitised violence really appeals.

    I’ve found it surprising over the years as to how many women put Pretty Woman high on their list. The mini skirt and thigh boots were the overt hook to a male audience who don’t look much deeper. You say it yourself, there’s something rather more intangible that appeals to women. I’m afraid that from my opera purist perspective I have qualms about the way Holywood remade La Traviata with a happy ending. The Pretty Woman movie I’d love to see for all it’s emotion and passion would be true to the opera plot (based on a real life courtesan).

    I nice little insight in this post.

    melody xx

  2. My girls love pretty woman and they are young women, I know we are supposed to dis it now to be PC but, hey, if it is entertaining then what the hell! It is a story, not meant to be true.
    Where Brad is concerned – loved him in legends of the fall and Interview with a vampire – but not really a fan. Know what you mean about American Psycho! x

  3. Hey Floss, cool list of movies! Even though we come at them from different sexuality angles, you and I have some strong crossovers! I love Bound and definitely the burning (toxic) yearning between Katherine & Sebastian in Cruel Intentions are 2 of my absolute favourites (wish I’d remembered them for my post!)

    I’ve made no secret of how vampires fascinate and excite me, and your thoughts on the matter are intresting – the atrocities and evil which goes hand in hand with their nature can be excused because it is inherently their nature – it does indeed seem worse and more taboo for a human to act this way.

    I also find that tipping point from initial attraction into physical acts of love and lust very erotic – Tom Cruise and Rebecca DeMornay in Risky Business, James Dean & Natalie Wood in East of Eden … all of that heat, lust and yearning – that will always push my buttons.

    Great post, thanks for getting me thinking further x

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