[Erotica] Your Truths Are My Treasures

Inspired by Humiliation Gets Me High

I’m going to bend you and break you in the most seductive ways. I’m going to burrow beneath the surface of your soul and leave my mark there, claiming you and making you mine. Tendrils of my adoration for you will weave into your mind, finding the irresistible truths of your perversions. When I find those truths I will treasure them. Held close to my breast, as I nurture them. Your secrets will be safe with me. 

When you’re lying before me, limbs tied, eyes wide, with a body that is begging for more, I will use my treasures to ruin you. My boy, my beautiful, dirty, perverted boy, you give yourself away as I twist my wicked words into your mind. That cock, of yours, of Mine, so hard, so full of want and need that I can practically see it throbbing. 

It will never be enough to simply do this because I can. It means nothing without you. I need you to come to me, crawling on your knees, presenting yourself at my feet with the desperation to be humiliated dripping from your lips. 

Without you, I am but flesh and bone. With you, blessed by the treasures I’ve found within you I am elevated. I more than I dared to dream I could be. 

I am omnipotent. 

I am everything. 

I am Goddess. 

I am Yours. 

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