[Erotica] The Ouija Board

#Fridayflash, Erotica, Fantasy, Myth, Horror Erotica / Friday, July 5th, 2019

‘Fine! If you really want to try it go ahead, but there are some rules that must be followed. Do you understand?’

‘Yes. Don’t look so worried, it’s just a bit of fun.’ 

My eyes narrowed as I looked at him. If anyone was going to ignore the rules it was this one.

‘The rules are simple … Think of your questions beforehand. Do not deviate from your questions. Do not ask about your own mortality. Do not follow any instructions you are given. Always, always, for the love of God say goodbye at the end.’ 

I watched as his grin spread, clearly to him this was a game. Hence my reluctance to let him use the board. Arrogance aside he was a really nice bloke and I was enjoying our dates, I did not want them to end, especially not abruptly and I hoped the air of recklessness emanating from him was actually nerves. 

‘Okay, I get it. Be good and play nice, or I’ll be doomed forever.’

‘If you fuck this up, you might realise that forever is a lot longer than you could ever imagine.’

I was pleased to see he started to look apprehensive as I began to undress. Something I’d done in front of him before, but never with this intent. His eyes fixed on the markings up my chest and he asked the same thing that everyone else does …

‘So, it like, really works?’

‘Yes, for my sins, it really works.’

I guided his hand placing it on the outline of the planchette, it wouldn’t move but it would still guide his hand, he’d feel it moving involuntarily and nothing in the world would stop him finding out the answers to his questions. 

‘Your heart is beating really fucking quick!’

‘Yeah, it never stops being nerve-wracking allowing yourself to be a human ouija board.’

‘You really don’t know where the marks came from?’

‘Not a clue,’

I did know, I remember every excruciating second of those marks appearing on my skin, but I suspected people would go insane if I told them the truth. They’d lie awake at night imagining the beast that carved into my flesh with his claws. They’d wonder if he was there as they slept beside me at night and I’m fairly certain at their most vulnerable moments they’d wonder if he’d come for them. I couldn’t reassure them that he wouldn’t, so I kept my silence.

It was hard to stifle their curiosity and determination to try the board. A human channel to another world, a chance to converse with spirits and have their questions answered was enticing. While refusing them all would be my preference, the final say was not mine and that is how moments like this came to be. My bare chest out, the ouija marks clear upon my skin and hand placed between my ribs, as we began our journey into the dark. 

To be continued …

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  1. Wow Floss – this picture has been intriguing me all week, now the story is doing the same! Beautifully written, especially the creepy, menacing build. What a concept! More PLEASE!

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